Interesting Holiday Ideas with Children in Johor Bahru

Spending time with children is really fun, but unfortunately, making time for it is very difficult. You can choose a quality time destination not too far away to maximize your vacation time.

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For example, taking your children out of town, visiting new places, and trying activities together. Invite your children to play while learning on educational tours or try new culinary flavors in the destination city.

One of them is taking the Kuala Lumpur to Johor Bahru flight to do many exciting activities. Among the many things to do, here are child-friendly holiday ideas you can do in Johor Bahru.

Best Things to Do in Penang with Children

1. Play All Day at Various Attractions

Johor Bahru has several amusement parks that must be visited to try various games, including Legoland. Legoland Malaysia, located west of Johor Bahru, is an iconic amusement park.

Almost every corner is made of Lego structures, making it distinctive and different from other playgrounds. Invite children to try various rides and take part in several educational activities. It's time to close your trip by filling your stomach in the restaurant or cafe and shopping for souvenirs.

2. Get to Know and Interact with Many Animals

Inviting children to enjoy educational tourism is the right choice for parents to provide fun lessons. That way, it will be easier for children to digest new information and store it as an impressive memory.

One educational facility for children is the zoo, located at Zoo Johor. Children can learn about a variety of animals from around the world and have the opportunity to interact with them. The zoo also offers additional facilities such as a play area and camping area, which are particularly popular with children.

3. Become Part of the Character's Life

If your child likes the Hello Kitty character, you must invite him to visit this cute character. Sanrio Hello Kitty Town is the home of Hello Kitty, where every corner is pink as Hello Kitty's trademark.

Apart from taking photos and interacting with Hello Kitty of various sizes, you can also try multiple rides. There are also several interesting spots, such as a cafe with a Hello Kitty atmosphere and a merchandise shop.

4. Get to Know the Diverse Types of Plants

Find other educational tours in the botanical garden where children can learn about various plants worldwide. Children will learn that not only are animals diverse, but plants also have many types.

This botanical garden is also an exciting place for recreation because there are many activities you can do. There is a playground area for children and a jogging track, you can even camp in the space provided.

5. Cool Yourself by Playing in the Water

The best idea for spending time with children, especially during the dry season, is to invite them to play in the water. You can visit Desaru Coast, which offers many exciting watersport activities that will refresh the body.

There is a water coaster with a large bucket in the middle of the water pool, a favorite with children. You can also try exciting rides such as Wild Whirl, Super Twister, and Kraken's Revenge.

6. Try Variety of Delicious Culinary Delights

Seeing a child have a good appetite is pleasant for every parent. Therefore, if you have the opportunity, you may need to invite your children to try various new culinary delights. Visit the Night Market in Johor Bahru, which is famous for its rows of food stalls that are always busy. 

Here's a review of some exciting holiday ideas to experience with children while in Johor Bahru. Start planning your trip by booking affordable plane tickets on Traveloka.

Not only Johor Bahru, but you can also get interesting tourist destinations with short travel duration with the Penang flight. You only need to fly from Kuala Lumpur to Penang and enjoy a holiday by trying many activities.

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