Guardian Hits 20 Million Baths For Underpriviledged Children in 2023 & Double Target to 40 Million Baths for 2024

Together, Keeping Kids Clean And Healthy! Guardian successful achievement of hitting its target of providing 20 million baths to underprivileged children in 2023 under its regional #Guardiancares Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) campaign called “Together, Keeping Kids Clean and Healthy”.

Guardian Hits 20 Million Baths For Underpriviledged Children in 2023 & Double Target to 40 Milliom Baths for 2024

Attributing this historic achievement to the strong customer support the campaign received, Anna Ng, Marketing Director, Guardian Malaysia said; “We are so grateful and thankful to our customers who have helped us reach this 100% milestone achievement of providing 20 million baths to underprivileged children in the region, specifically Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam and Cambodia for 2023.  This has translated to more than 40,000 bottles of bath care products donated to Malaysian children in 2023.

“As a result of this achievement, our target for 2024 will be 40 million baths - double that of last year.” Guardian’s “Together, Keeping Kids Clean and Healthy” programme recognises that everyone deserves to feel clean and healthy and is a basic human right. 

“Keeping clean and healthy is a basic human right and should not be considered a luxury, especially for children.  Children from low income families are especially vulnerable.  Apart from that, we also truly believe that when a child feels clean and smells nice, it boosts his or her self-esteem and improves his mental well-being too.” added Ng.

Apart from providing bath care products, Guardian will also organise Interactive Hygiene Workshops at schools where schoolchildren will be taught good hygiene practices.

Under the campaign, for every one litre of Guardian bath care product sold in Malaysia, 15 sen will be donated to buying bath care products for these underprivileged children. Additionally, the Guardiancares Bear will be on sale at RM29.90 only.  

For 2024, a special Guardiancares Bear Hooded Towel will also be put on sale at RM29.90 at all Guardian stores throughout Malaysia and through Guardian’s online store and the Guardian mobile app.  All proceeds from the sale of Guardiancares Bears and the Hooded Towel will go to the #guardiancares fund to support the bath care needs of underprivileged children in Malaysia. 

In conjunction with this announcement, Guardian also donated bath care products to the children of Yayasan Sunbeams Home in Petaling Jaya.  The children of Yayasan Sunbeams Home were the chosen charity recipient of Guardian’s Face of Healthy Beauty 2023 winner Kay Yap Yen Yin.  One of Kay’s prizes was a donation worth RM5,000 of Guardian Bath Care products to a charity organization of the winner's choice.

Kay said, “I hope this donation can provide some relief to the plight of underprivileged children and I wish more children have access to quality self-care necessities and receive information about health and hygiene that can drastically reduce preventable health problems. For me personally, I had skin rashes during my primary and secondary school days (on the forehead and toes) because I did not pay attention to a proper skin hygiene routine.  It was after my skin had breakouts that I practiced healthier cleaning habits as I grew up.”

The second phase of #Guardiancares “Together, Keeping Kids Clean and Healthy” kicks off from 27 December 2023.

“We sincerely hope that our customers will continue to support this noble and timely campaign during these challenging economic times, and we hope our efforts will continue to play an important role in keeping underprivileged children, not only in Malaysia but in the region as well, clean and healthy at the same time,” Anna concluded.  

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