At Home IV Therapy: What Is It and What Are the Benefits?

If you’ve walked through a mall in any big city lately, you’ve likely seen stores advertising IV infusions of B12 and other vitamins. You may even have wondered who would go to a mall for an IV treatment! 

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The reality is that this type of health and wellness therapy is gaining in popularity, but it’s also being displaced by a more convenient option: getting your vitamins through an IV at home. 

What is this new trend, and how does it benefit you? Keep reading to learn all about why you, too, should be taking care of your health with at-home IV therapy.

What IV Therapy Is

When you picture an IV, you’re probably envisioning a hospital room where patients are receiving their medication through a tube and needle. But IV vitamin therapy isn’t a treatment for illnesses. It’s part of your wellness plan. 

With this type of therapy, the IV delivers the nutrients you choose into your bloodstream via a vein in your arm. When you ingest vitamins, you lose some of the potency through the digestion process. However, with IV therapy, because the vitamins are going straight into your bloodstream, you get the fastest and most powerful relief. 

There are various types of nutrient packages offered by different companies. You can enjoy IV treatments for energy, hangovers, anti-aging, athletic recovery, and much more.

The Benefits of IV Therapy 

Although this type of at-home treatment is relatively new, the science behind direct IV nutrients has been around for decades. Hospitals use this therapy for patients who require intravenous feeding or those who are sick because they’re dehydrated. It’s a quick way to bring them back to their optimal state or keep a person’s body functioning when they can’t feed themselves. 

IV therapy works so well because the vitamins and minerals are absorbed directly into the bloodstream. This produces higher levels of the nutrients available for use by your body. How much of the nutrients you get depends on how you get them. With IV therapy, the nutrients skip the digestive tract, where they can lose potency and go directly into the bloodstream for instant access to your organs and tissues. 

Instead of heading to the hospital because you’re sick, at-home IV therapy gives you the benefits of this direct access with a focus on preventative wellness.

What to Know About IV Therapy At Home

An IV vitamin therapy session won’t disrupt your day, but you do need a professional to connect you to the machine and nutrients. Each session takes about half an hour to an hour. The effectiveness and speed of the session depend on the individual and the type of treatment. 

For instance, hydration therapy for dehydration is designed to send electrolytes, sodium chloride, and other nutrients into your body. These essential vitamins and minerals are absorbed by your bloodstream to replace the depleted fluids in your system. As soon as those fluids are replaced, you should notice a difference. This type of therapy is commonly used for dehydration due to athletic recovery, hangovers, and illness. 

If you’re interested in seeing how at-home IV therapy can benefit you, reach out to a company that services your area. Your best wellness ever could be waiting to be delivered to your home!

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