5 Tips for Strengthening Bonds With Teens During Challenging Life Moments

Being a parent is hard during the best of times and can feel very overwhelming when you or your children hit a rough patch. Parenting while managing anxiety adds an extra layer of hardship, which is why it's worth considering over-the-counter anxiety medication for additional support. Connecting with your teenage children is never more important than when they are experiencing a crisis. Here are five tips for strengthening bonds with your teens during challenging life moments.

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Active Listening

Practice active listening with your teen to establish a safe place for them to share. The "active" part of active listening requires you to be present and attentive while talking to your teen, but that's not all. The other key aspects of active listening are:

Make meaningful eye contact

Avoid interrupting the speaker

Listen without judgment

Ask open-ended questions

Establish Regular Check-Ins

When your teenage child is experiencing a crisis, whether at school or in their personal life, establish regular check-ins with them. These check-ins can happen every day or once a week, depending on what you and your teen agree on. You can retreat to a cozy corner of your house or take your child out for a meal, just the two of you. Make sure to keep your phone on silent and avoid checking it or getting distracted during your check-ins.

Rethink Disciplinary Strategies

While discipline is an important part of parenting, you should rethink your strategies when it comes to punishment. If your child is experiencing a time of stress and insecurity, they need to be able to share what they are going through without worrying that they will receive a severe punishment.

Many children decide to withhold information from their parents because they fear being disciplined. Discuss this issue with your child and try to come to a mutual understanding of what can be done to mitigate the negative consequences of their actions. 

Offer Praise for Sharing

To strengthen your parent-child bond, remember to praise your child for sharing their feelings. Positive reinforcement is a powerful and effective tool. Express how mature and brave it is for your child to be open about their feelings and struggles.

If you find this difficult because you are also experiencing high levels of stress, make sure you have strategies for managing your anxiety and negative feelings before interacting with your child. You can explore options such as anxiety medication adults, meditation, gentle exercise, and arts and crafts.

Reach Out for Support

Demonstrate healthy self-esteem to your children by letting them know you need to reach out for extra support for your family. When you show your human side to your children, it will make your bond stronger. They will be able to relate to you and see that you are not all-knowing and impervious to doubts. Plus, you can rely on the advice and guidance of professionals, friends, and family for more ideas about how to navigate difficult situations.

Children and teenagers may find it overwhelming to deal with life's challenges due to anxiety and stress. Discover the holistic health benefits of child anxiety medication over-the-counter to help your child manage their symptoms today.

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