Rema Returns and Enters a New Era with His ‘RAVAGE’ EP

1. Trouble Maker

2. DND

3. Smooth Criminal

4. Don’t Leave

5. Red Potion

Rema returns after an undefeated year with his new 5-track EP, 'RAVAGE' produced by London, Blaise Beatz, and P Prime. Rema has ascended to global superstar status, releasing banger after banger and delivering 5* performances night after night.

Rema Returns and Enters a New Era with His ‘RAVAGE’ EP

'RAVAGE' marks the start of a new chapter, bringing his Rave & Roses era to an end as he enters this new phase. 'RAVAGE' sees Rema connect with his inner flame and rage, releasing a sigh of relief and an outburst of energy. The new music is not fueled by negativity but by his drive, passion and destiny. Opening the EP, 'Trouble Maker' was born from facing constant and consistent criticism throughout his career. Any title placed on him by fans or critics comes under scrutiny, so he will sit comfortably, without any labels, dubbing himself "the trouble maker". 

Rema Returns and Enters a New Era with His ‘RAVAGE’ EP

Having now made his iconoclastic mark on the scene, amongst all the noise and chaos, Rema arrives at 'DND', a statement to the world allowing him to sit in his silence and protect his energy. Where distinct shifts have occurred in his sound over the past five years, 'Smooth Criminal' celebrates how Rema has continued to reinvent himself, stay on top of his game and remain a trending topic since day one.

Since that day, he's remained laser-focused on his goals, which have come at the expense of having no time for himself and his loved ones, which unravels on 'Don't Leave'. ‘Red Potion’ closes the EP with an enchanting spell between two potential lovers playing the game with one another, but knowing when you play with fire, you may get burnt.

Rema’s artwork has become a crucial part of his artistry and always creates and allows room for discussion, perspective and speculation. In his Rave & Roses artwork, we see Rema travelling into a new portal, and he has now arrived in his RAVAGE era, energised and ready to go. On the cover of the new project, the horse represents his drive and passion, whilst the skeleton holding the sword reflects the inner fighter in him who has never given up on his goal. At the top of the artwork is a brain with a glowing pineal gland, demonstrating his awakening and activation of his third eye and also present is the spinal cord, a sign of resurrection. A touch of green floral can be seen around the edge to reflect growth, but no artwork would be complete without the Teddy Bear, which has become synonymous with Rema, a nod to his childhood and where this all began.

This year alone, Rema has visited close to twenty-five European countries and countless States across The US to perform, and he will be topping off the year by performing at The O2, London, on 14th November 2023, his biggest show to date. The release of 'Rave & Roses Ultra' came before the summer, which includes fan favourite, 'Charm', a song and video that sparked an iconic dance, and then came "The Ornament Of Ravery", a handmade chain to celebrate the whirlwind journey Rema has been on. 

Rema has become a record-breaking machine. In the past year, he has become the first African artist to hit a billion streams on a song on Spotify. He won the first VMA in the best Afrobeats category, and he is now the longest-charting African artist in Billboard Top 100, as well receiving an entry in the Guinness Book Of World Records for being the first artist to hit No.1 in the MENA charts. 'Calm Down' has become the soundtrack of 2023, climbing to No.4 in the UK's Official Charts, No.5 on the Billboard Hot 100 and has gone Gold once, Diamond six times and Platinum nine times across the globe. 

Rema pays homage to those who broke down the doors before him at every twist and turn and continues his one-track mission of taking the sound of Africa to the world. Rema will close the year by returning home for the first time since the Rema EP dropped for his homecoming show at the Benin City Stadium (24th Dec) and having his first headline shows in Lagos (26th Dec) and Abuja (17th Dec). For more information on Rema, please visit: Instagram | Twitter | Spotify

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