SARMS for Fitness: What You Should Know

As you may already, bodybuilding and sports supplements, as the name implies, expedite the bodybuilding process and help you lose weight significantly over an impressively short amount of time. Protein-rich diets and regular workouts produce desirable results but do it much slower, which can be frustrating for most people especially athletes. And that's why catalysts, which supplement the diet, are really needed by many people who want to lose weight and/or build muscles. Nicholas from Docartz explains the usage of best testosterone supplements to accompany your exercise routine.

SARMS for Fitness: What You Should Know

That being said, many people shy away from anabolic steroids (that will get the job done faster) for good reasons - side effects. Worse off, some of these side effects are irreversible! Truth is, everyone hates the liver disease, testicular atrophy, heart disease, breast development in men (gynecomastia), or any other irreversible side effects associated with the use of anabolic steroids, which are obviously detrimental to human health and well-being. 

That's why they need the holy grail of bodybuilding supplements. Although quality SARMs from AG Pharma cannot be accurately called that, they aren't detrimental to human's health and well-being, And they provide some impressive benefits with very minimal side effects you would want to know about.

So, without further ado, let’s dig in and take a closer look at what they really are, and why they are far more preferable than steroids. Also, why you need quality if you want to build muscles or lose weight.

Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators (popularly called SARMs) are non-steroidal drugs, which are scientifically designed for targeted androgen receptor stimulation. Still, don't know what that means? 

These receptors are designed to target bone and muscle cells. As a result of this, they have little effects on other cells. If they do, that will produce undesirable results in the human body.

To get a better understanding of what they are, you should first know the physiology of hormones. Summarily, hormones are regulatory substances that are produced in your body to stimulate specific cells. These cells are transported in tissue fluids such as blood. And in case you do not know, androgens are a type of hormones that produce masculinity, e. g., testosterone. See the connection?

How does SARMs Work?
This is where it gets more interesting because they are made to function far more efficiently than steroids. Actually, they are designed to have a special connection or affinity to the targeted tissue so that they won't cause harm to other tissues in other organs of the body such as the brain, liver, or prostate. It is safe to say that it is meant for bone and muscles.

Do you know that steroids break down into harmful molecules? But SARMs don't. That's been one of the major reasons why anabolic steroids cause so many proven side effects such as producing an undesired level of estrogen in men, which cause man boobs. People want to lose weight and look fit, but wouldn't want to do it at the expense of their overall health. That's why it is always better to opt-in for a safer option - SARMs.

Another major reason, why people want to use them, is due to the fact that they do not convert easily to 5-a reductase. Do you know what 5-a reductase does? It produces undesirable results: Testosterones are converted to estrogens by them. These reasons or functions make SARMs really beneficial to people who want to lose weight and/or build muscles.

However, they are not as effective or aggressive at building muscles as steroids are, which is nothing considering the dangerous and life-threatening side effects people experience for using steroids. Also, they do not heavily suppress the natural production of testosterones, unlike steroids. Apparently, the pros far outweigh the cons.

There is another added benefit of using SARMs. Although it is directly unrelated to muscle building, it is also very important, nonetheless. They do not increase water retention and help immensely to promote lean mass.

That does not mean that SARMs are completely free from side effects (as I have mentioned earlier). If you want to know some of these side effects, here are 2 mild side effects, you should keep in mind:

1. They can suppress the production of testosterones in your body, mildly.
2. Some people are reported to experience acne.

But the fact is of the matter is, the side effects are minimal when small doses are used. Unfortunately, most bodybuilders do not take small doses of these drugs. Nevertheless, it is a fact that you can easily recover from the side effects when compared to anabolic steroids.

In sum, SARMs are safe to use and doesn't produce most side effects that steroids produce in the body of humans.

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