5 Useful Tips When Choosing A Sewing Machine

Sewing is a fun hobby that lets you create new clothes, costumes or furnishings for your home. There’s relatively little that you need to get started, but one item, of course, is a sewing machine. There are many options available on the market, ranging from small, cheap models to industrial sized machines.

5 Useful Tips When Choosing A Sewing Machine

Here’s our guide to what to look out for when choosing a new sewing machine:

1. Ensure the machine has the essential stitches
When choosing your first sewing machine, you need to find one that functions in the ways you’ll need it most. What that means is that it can do the stitches that you will be using most often. Straight stitching is an essential must-have for any sewing machine, as this is the most often used stitch. You will also find that zigzag stitches are also commonly used. If you want to find out more about what machines will perform the stitches you need, this page may help. Otherwise, any basic, entry-level sewing machine should be able to do what you need it to do.

2. Go to a local dealer
You will definitely find lots of sewing machines at the larger chain stores, but using a local dealer will help you to find a machine that is tailored to the work that you want to perform. They can also take the time to show you how it works, which will come in especially handy when you start to use a serger. Local dealers will also be able to perform any servicing you need done.

3. Make sure you can change the stitch length
Complex sewing machines may have many knobs and dials, but the one you want to look out for is the stitch length setting. Changing your stitch length means you’ll be able to sew seams as well as perform basting, which is much faster using a machine than doing it by hand. Remember: the higher the number, the longer the stitch.

4. Check which feet it comes with
There’s a lot of sewing that you might not realize, that the sewing foot is one of these things. Sewing feet help to compress and move the fabric as you’re sewing, so that your stitches remain even and you don’t have to move the fabric yourself. Your machine will come with a standard foot, but you also want to make sure it comes with a zipper foot. These one sided feet make it easier to keep your stitches in a straight line when you’re sewing close to a zipper.

5. Decorative stitches are useful
While not totally necessary, decorative stitches can help you take your sewing to the next level. These stitches come in many styles depending on the model you choose, and can give your garments a professional look. If you don’t want to buy a serger just yet, there’s a stitch that will imitate this look for you.

Buying a sewing machine is an exciting time, as it gives you many new opportunities to create something from nothing. Though there are many different sewing machine models on the market, choosing one doesn’t have to be difficult. Once you’ve assessed your skill level, use our guide to help you choose the right sewing machine for you.

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