7 Tips on How to Choose Wigs for Kids Suffering Hair Loss

This post is for Information sharing. Most parents of children who are suffering from hair loss find ways to resolve this difficult condition. Often times, those kids who experience hair loss is caused by cancer or alopecia, which is an autoimmune disorder that leads to baldness. The good news is that there are wigs for kids that they could wear to cover up the areas of hair loss. However, you need to find a wig that would be suitable and comfortable for your little ones. In line with our goal to provide you with details about wigs, we have rounded up some guidelines on how to choose a wig for your children.

7 Steps in Choosing a Wig for Kids Suffering Hair Loss

1. Choose a comfortable material
Wigs could either be a synthetic hair or the human hair. For the children, it is best to opt for a human hair. This is because human hair is like natural hair that could be just close as your children’s natural hair. It would be comfortable for them and feel like having real hair. This would reduce their uneasiness and somewhat boost their self-confidence.

2. Find a wig size that fits perfectly to your kid’s head
In order for your child to feel comfortable wearing a wig, you have to find a wig size that fits perfectly to your child’s head. To find the right wig size, you have to measure the circumference of your child’s head. Use a cloth tape and you must first flatten the hair of your child before measuring it. You must also measure the front area to back then from one side of the ear to another ear. Once done, you must choose a wig that corresponds to your child’s head measurement.

3. Opt for a secure wig
Children love to play, jump or run around. With this, you must choose a wig that could stay secure on their heads. It is advisable that you choose a wig for your children with a silicone or a gripper base. The silicone will attach to the scalp and will be connected tightly. This would make the wig secure on your children’s head. For children with existing or some hair, you must choose a wig that could be adjusted easily onto the head or must have wig clips or wig grip that could secure the wig to the existing hair.

4. Choose a quality hairline
You must choose a wig that has a quality hairline, which could appear real or natural. Besides that, having a quality hairline would make the wig beautiful.

5. Consider a wig cap
Some wigs are itchy and these would make your child uncomfortable. With this, you may consider having wig caps that could prevent itching. On the other hand, it could quite hot under the wig. This is best if your child is experiencing itchiness while wearing a wig.

6. Opt for a lightweight wig
A lightweight wig could make your child comfortable especially during hot days. It is advisable that you choose a lightweight wig so that your child will stay cool even though wearing a wig.

7. Have a perfect style
Some wigs may not just fit for your child. So, it is best to bring your child and the wig to the hairdresser. Let her style and cut the wig that would best fit for your child. This could exactly fit her and would make your child beautiful and confident.

So you could make your children happy by wearing the best wig for them, which could hide their hair loss. Likewise, apply the above-mentioned wig tips to find the suitable wig for them to make them comfortable and experience a quality life.

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