What Causes Bad Breath and How To Overcome It?

IBKEEO Kills 99.9% Oral Bacteria in 30 Seconds!

Do you have bad breath? If your friends, family or loved ones have bad breath how are you going to tell them politely? Today we are going to talk about something very personal and can be very embarrass too. Oral hygiene is very important for our self image and confidence but some are not aware it. I am going to share about what causes bad breath and how to overcome it. Continue to read if you want to know how...

What Causes Bad Breath and How To Overcome It?
What Causes Bad Breath and How To Overcome It? 

The most common cause of bad breath is poor oral hygiene and bacteria are the root cause of dental problems; such as bad breath, bleeding gums, cavities and plagues. Bacteria that build up on our teeth, particularly between them as well as your tongue and gums, can produce unpleasant-smelling gases. If you think that brushing your teeth alone is enough, then you are wrong. Because 75%of bacteria still remain between teeth and gums after brushing.

What is that black slimey stuff from my mouth in that video? 

We can overcome bad breath in many ways, one of the effective and easy way is to use mouthwash regularly. 

What Causes Bad Breath and How To Overcome It?
IBKEEO Premium Mouthwash from Korea

Recently I was introduced to IBKEEO Premium Mouthwash from Korea. It’s formulated with natural ingredients to strengthen our oral hygiene; such as Ginseng Extract, White Peony (an active antibacterial ingredient, preventing growth of bacteria), Tea Tree (helps to remove protein leftover in the mouth and eliminate bad breath), Licorice (activates salivary glands, prevent dry mouth and cleans oral hygiene), Allantoin, and Sodium Flouride. 

How To Use IBKEEO Premium Mouthwash?

1. Pour 10 – 15ml IBKEEO Oral Hygiene Solution into a cup.

2. Pour it in the mouth, don’t drink it, gargle for 20 to 30 seconds.

3. Spit it out and you will see the visible protein leftovers.

4. Enjoy fresh breath and healthy oral hygiene all day long.

What Causes Bad Breath and How To Overcome It?
IBKEEO Premium Mouthwash kills 99.9% oral bacteria in 30 seconds

IBKEEO Premium Mouthwash comes in a yellow plastic bottle of 520ml. It has a mild ginseng aroma and taste because it contains natural fine ginseng extract. The solution is clear liquid in yellow color, like tea.

What Causes Bad Breath and How To Overcome It?
Gargle 10 - 20ml IBKEEO Premium Mouthwash every morning, after food and before going to bed

When I gargle I can feel the mild minty sensation, it is unlike some mouthwash that cause burning sensation. It’s so refreshing! Plus IBKEEO mouthwash does not contain alcohol. The best time to use IBKEEO is after brushing your teeth in the morning, after food and also before going to bed.

As you can see on the before and after photo below, after i gargled with IBKEEO Premium Mouthwash for 30 seconds when i spitted out there are some black slimey stuff. That's the protein leftovers after I rinse my mouth, it's so visible 

What Causes Bad Breath and How To Overcome It?
Before & After Using IBKEEO Premium Mouthwash to rinse my mouth

My Verdict: After using IBKEEO oral hygiene solution for more than 2 week, I can feel that my breath is fresh all day. Now I am more confident to talk to people and even get closer to hug other. Besides, IBKEOO also can help us to prevent mouth ulcers, dental and gums problems. After I gargled my mouth with IBKEEO I find that my teeth are smoother and brighter, there are no more residues in between my teeth and the whitish on my tongue also getting less. 

What Causes Bad Breath and How To Overcome It?
IBKEEO Premium Mouthwash for your ultimate oral hygiene

Oral hygiene is very important for our self-image and self-confidence; I'm recommending this to my friends and family. People with braces, smokers, office workers, the night owl, sales personnel, customer service personnel, those who dating, elderly, children above 6 years, and those who love to smile should use IBKEEO.

Price: IBKEEO Premium Mouthwash, 520ml @ RM98 for West Malaysia and RM108 for East Malaysia with Free Postage

Availability: IBKEEO Premium Mouthwash is now available online at www.ibkeeo.com and there will be new flavor coming soon.

For more information about IBKEEO Oral Hygiene Solution, please visit IBKEEO Official Facebook and Website

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