Suffering with Bunions? You Need to Read This

Suffering with Bunions? You Need to Read This

Are you suffering from pain because of bunions? If you are in a situation where this is happening, you will want to take action. The issue with bunions is that they are only going to get worse if you are not treating them or at least alleviating your pain so the condition does not get worse. Here are some steps that you can take to ensure your feet do not hurt so much and to get your bunions treated.

Suffering with Bunions?

1. Proper Shoes

Most people who suffer from bunions are going through the problem because of genetics. But when you are wearing shoes such as high heels or ones that have pointy toes, you are going to make the problem worse. Ideally, you will want shoes that give your feet enough room so that you can wiggle your toes. The best type of shoe that you could get would have a square toe area.

2. Ice

When you take ice and wrap it in a cloth or some kind of towel, you can apply it to the area where you are suffering from bunions. We would advise doing this for anywhere from ten to twenty minutes. Not only will it give you some instant relief but you will also be ensuring that the swelling in the area does not go up too much.

3. Medicine

When you are going through problems with bunions, we always suggest going to a specialist. You can learn about bunion surgery at And even though surgery is one of the best options, it is not the only choice. You can also treat bunions with medication. Even regular NSAIDs will work because they are anti-inflammatory. But a cortisone injection is recommended for those who are suffering from severe bunions.

4. Pads

If you manage to find shoes that are roomy, you can help your bunion condition even more if you invest in some protective pads. These are perfect for giving your bunions some cushioning, which ensures that friction is not going to make the problem worse. But we would stay clear of medicated pads, as those are known to eat away your skin because of the acids they contain.

5. Exercise

While you are not going to get rid of your bunions through exercise, they can help make your feet stronger. And when you have stronger feet, you will not get so stiff or feel so much pain because of your bunions. The exercises are nothing complicated. Even something like stretching your toes can help a lot. It is just a matter of loosening up your feet so they do not get stiff, and giving some weight to the exercises so you are strengthening the nearby muscles.

We can understand if you are feeling a little hopeless about your bunions condition. But you should not feel too bad – many people are suffering the same fate right now. Whether it is through better shoes, medication or surgery, we promise you there is a solution to your bunion problem.

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