Jurlique Nutri-Define Eye Contour Balm, Cleanser & Conditioning Lotion Experience

Well, last year we reviewed about the first three products in the Nutri-Define ritual for ageless beauty the Nutri-Define Superior Retexturising Facial Serum, Nutri-Define Multi-Correcting Day Cream and Nutri-Define Rejuvenating Overnight Cream. This year we’re delighted to experience another three New Nutri-Define products that complete the ritual. Here is the Jurlique Nutri-Define Eye Contour Balm, Cleanser & Conditioning Lotion Experience.

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Jurlique Nutri-Define Eye Contour Balm, Cleanser & Conditioning Lotion Experience

The New Nutri-Define skincare with Biosome5, the luxury, nature and science combined.

Nutri-Define Refining Foaming Cleanser

Nutri-Define Refining Foaming Cleanser, 100ml @ RM190
This Nutri-Define Refining Foaming Cleanser is gentle and non-drying. Squeezed a little on the palm and lather it a bit of water. It transforms into a luxuriously soft, pillow-like lather to gently polish the skin and reveal a luminous complexion. Then gently massage on the face and neck and rinse off with water. 

Skin is feels divinely refreshed and revitalized, and ready to absorb the full benefit of the Nutri-Define ritual. A good cleanser that can clear away all the impurities and still maintain the skin moisture is essential to get ready our skin to absorb all the next skincare nutrients.

Nutri-Define Essential Conditioning Lotion

Nutri-Define Essential Conditioning Lotion, 100ml @ RM250
The Nutri-Define Essential Conditioning Lotion is a toner to double cleanse the skin at the same time prep our skin before applying any serum or moisturizer. 

The texture is creamy, lightweight and quite unlike any toner you’ve used before. It is enriched with our patent-pending Biosome5 technology, helps to replenish and restore moisture and reduce the appearance of the multiple signs of ageing.

Nutri-Define Eye Contour Balm

Nutri-Define Eye Contour Balm, 15ml @ RM290
Last but not least is the, Nutri-Define Eye Contour Balm that was crafted to help rejuvenate the entire eye contour. Never neglect our eye areas, by the time we realized and see the wrinkles its will take a lot more effort and time to reduce it. This eye contour balm is enriched with Biosome5, the ultra-rich balm targets deep lines, crow’s feet and sagging skin to help eyes appear firmer, more youthful and beautifully smooth.

I like the metal ball applicator that helps to massage the balm into the skin. It give a cooling and refreshing feeling especially when my eyes are very tired after a long day at work in front of my laptop. After using this for almost a month I can see that the skin around my eyes are smoother and less puffy.

Overall, Jurlique Nutri-Define is quite moisturizing and it’s suitable for anti-aging. For my dehydrated and matured skin this skincare range compliments well. I like the Eye Contour Balm. However, for those with oily skin or combination skin I would advise you to text out the sample or texture at their salon and outlet before committing to this skincare range.

For more information about Jurlique Nutri-Define Eye Contour Balm, Cleanser & Conditioning Lotion, please visit Jurlique Website and Facebook Page

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