It's You November

Oh Hi! I woke up and it’s already November. Yuhuu!!! my birthday month so November is going to be great. Anyway I am glad that the sky is blue and the air is back to healthy level. Haze is gone! Anyway, time flies huh… we are heading towards year end and holiday season is here. But there are so many resolutions I have not accomplished yet! How???

This November is going to be a busy and super pack month for me. With my sprained ankle is recovering, now I can start to join some runs and also workout more. Yah I accidentally sprained my ankle when coming down from stairs two weeks ago. Sometimes shit happened.

I did not mention only those who met at work, meeting, events or shooting know about it. It’s painful but bearable lucky I went to see doctor and also traditional Chinese massage to fix it fast. I still go out but have to hide my swollen ankle under my long flare pants and ankle guard. Well, the road to recovery is going to take a long time. Anyway I think I might be going to physiotherapy later. I know its inconvenience but have to do it.

Alright looking forward to move to a new house, check in new station, new work location and expect many more challenges coming along the way. Bring it on November, I am ready. Never give up just focus on the solution and start to complete the task one at a time. I believe at the end of the day it will be done.

Always look things at a brighter side and you should be happy because you are still breathing. That’s all folks, talk to you all next time. 

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  1. Ah, didn't know your ankle got insurance, i wish you speedy recovery~ happy November too~ =)


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