Imaginary Forest: Diptyque Holiday 2015 Collection

Wonder what’s up on diptyque sleeves this holiday season? Well as you know diptyque is famous for their scented candle so there will be three new candles to light up the holiday 2015 season. A limited edition collection which this year is dedicated to the olfactory attributes of trees; powerful yet delicate, these woody scents evoke memories, images of nature’s beauty, the season to…

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Imaginary Forest: Diptyque Holiday 2015 Collection

The Perfume House has invited Julien Colombier – a painter dedicated to mysterious forests and enchanted jungles to accompany it on this new sensory adventure. He provides the flow, the light, the colours; diptyque provides the texture, the flavours, the fragrances; together they have developed three original and joyful ambiances. A series of poetic contrasts reminiscent of the holiday season is available in three fragrances: Sapin (fir tree), Liquidambar and Oliban.

Sapin the base draws back to childhood, to the beauty of winter and the memories of a Christmas gone by. The fragrant resin crystals are infused with a hint of mandarin, a familiar yet unprecedented meeting of citrus and woody notes.

Liquidambar is a celebration of nature’s delights, which embraces the redness of this large autumnal tree. Its enveloping liquid amber is spiced with nutmeg and cinnamon, then cloaked in the scent of brown sugar, providing a sweet and warm veil of gourmand accents.

Oliban, a thousand and one mysteries are released through its sweet oriental vapors of incense. The woody accents are set against fresh notes and balmy tones within this warm and soothing aromatic gem.

This Holiday 2015 collection is limited edition, Sapin, Liquidambar and Oliban is now available in 6.5oz or 2.4oz candle. For more information about Imaginary Forest: Diptyque Holiday 2015 Collection, please visit

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