Korean Drama Series: The Woman Who Married Thrice

Korean Drama Series, The Woman Who Married Thrice, korean, super starzs

Married Thrice? Three times, are you sure? Yes, this story is about the life of a mother and her two daughters. It depicts the perspectives different generations have on marriage and divorce.

Oh Hyun Soo (Uhm Ji Won) and Oh Eun Soo (Lee Ji Ah) are two grown sisters trying to make it in the world under the watchful eye of their mother. Although the older sister seems outwardly cold and focuses intently on her product design career, she actually has a crush on a man who is uncommitted. On the other hand, the younger sister wants to rekindle romance a second time after her first marriage has failed.

Cast: Lee Ji-Ah, Uhm Ji Won (Sign), Song Chang Ui, Ha Suk Jin, Jo Han Sun, Seo Young Hee

Director: Son Jung Hyun

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