Giveaway: 2 Winners of Fastrim Slimming & Collagen

Drum roll…. Who are the two lucky winners of the Fastrim Slimming & Collagen Giveaway. The organizer has selected the winners and please check are you one of the winners.

Congratulations to the 2 lucky winners, each of you won a box of Fastrim Slimming & Collagen worth RM168.

1. Charlie Siaw
2. Nicole Tam

Kindly email your details (Name, Contact, Email & Mailing Address) to me at kelly2988[at]gmail[dot]com latest by 12 midnight on 17th Sept 2014. The organizer will send the prize directly to both of you according to the address you gave.

For those who did not win this round please don’t give up because there will be more giveaway coming soon. Thanks. Bye... 


  1. Replies
    1. thanks Sherry, I have a new giveaway coming up soon. don't give up. everyone has a chance to win


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