Greetings from Tokyo, Japan

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Konichiwa! Greetings from Tokyo, Japan. How are you all? I was in Tokyo since last Thursday, 18th Sept but was too busy to update my blog. Those blog posts that were published since last Thursday were all my scheduled post. This trip to Tokyo is my work trip not holiday or blogging trip so it’s a bit hard for me to post up everything online - blog, facebook, instagram. Sometime is not convenient to post due to work related and also with colleagues around me most of the time.

Tokyo, Japan, Harumi Bay, Mango bridge, japansese

Well, there are many aspects and things that I like about Japan. It is a safe, systematic and clean country despite of the high cost of living. Japanese are very hardworking, loyal, honest and polite but sometimes I find it hard to understand them because they are too nice. 

I always love the healthy and delicious Japanese food and desserts. Well, I began to like their culture and also the way they respect the older generations. 

Tokyo, Japan, sky view, happening, japanese

Yesterday (sunday) I went shopping, sight-seeing and hang out at the cafĂ© the whole day by myself. I am not scared to go out alone because it is safe and their public transport system is so efficient. 

My Malaysian colleague went to Yokohama to visit her relatives, she will be back to Tokyo again on Monday morning so I am alone on sunday. It was really relaxing and fun to be alone sometimes, I feel so independent in this metropolitan city. 

I was inspired by Japanese girls, they really spend time and invest a lot of effort and money in making themselves look presentable and beautiful. From now on I will try to put more effort in my beauty routine, my makeup, my hairstyle and what I wear. Hopefully I can be more trendy and fashionable alright!

Ok I need to log off and go to bed because tomorrow will be a busy day for me. I need to take a rest and get ready for Monday battle. I will try to update my Tokyo Trip once I complete published all my Da Nang, Vietnam Trip last month. I will be back to KL on Tuesday. 

Miss you all. Bye

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