Kenny's Teriyaki Chicken & Take It Home Feast @ Kenny Rogers Roasters

This festive season Kenny Rogers Roasters (KRR) spread the joy and prosperity by introducing Kenny's Teriyaki Chicken Set and Take it Home Feast. Kenny's Teriyaki Chisken is unlike the convetional teriyaki chicken that we usual eat. It delicious and savoury chicken whole leg, marinated in a special teriyaki sauce with oriental herbs and spices and baked to perfection.

Kenny's Teriyaki Chicken

When I opened Kenny's Teriyaki Chicken paper pouched there is a burst of chicken and herbs aroma. The juicy and tender chicken whole leg with mushrooms, spices and pepper is so hearty;the herbs and marination is just right. There is some similarity to chinese style “Chi Pao Kai” or paper wrapped chicken.

Kenny's Teriyaki Chicken Meal RM19.90

Looking for a balanced meal to satisfy your healthy appetite? You can opt for Kenny's Teriyaki Chicken Meal for only RM19.90, a full serving which on top of the succulent chicken leg includes a serving of Aromatic Rice, a bowl of Mushroom Chicken Soup and to be finished off with a Kenny’s Home-made Muffin, available in various flavours including Golden Vanilla, Banana Raisin, Chocolate Raisin, Zesty Orange, Mocha Chips, and Creamy Pandan.

Tropical Paradise RM7.90

To wash it all down, quench your thirst by having a refreshing sip or a cooling gulp of Tropical Paradise RM7.90, the tropical flavour mix of orange and pineapple with a splash of strawberry, specially offered to complement the flavours of the Kenny’s Teriyaki Chicken meal. 

KRR Take It Home Feast RM148.80

The KRR Take It Home Feast is back, featuring 6 ala carte pieces of Kenny’s Teriyaki Chicken; 2 bowls of Aromatic Rice; and 1 bowl each of Spicy Asian Salad, BBQ Baked Beans, Golden Corn & Carrot and Garden Pasta Salad. Furthermore, no meal is complete without a little something sweet; enjoy a set of half dozen Kenny’s home-made muffins with choice of flavours. The Feast set also comes complete with 6 bottles of sweet and refreshing fruit juice. The delectable “Take It Home Feast” is available for ordering for a limited time from 13 January 2014 onwards. Priced at only RM148.80, the delicious meal comes in a hearty and tasty pack recommended as a serving for 6 pax.

For more information about Kenny's Teriyaki Chicken & Take It Home Feast please visit Kenny Rogers Roasters Malaysia

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