Smarter Home Cleaning Solutions with Samsung

Samsung NaviBot-Silencio, Samsung FlexSlim and Samsung Aquatic

A clean home is a happy home. It is simply because a home free of clutter and dirt agents is packed with fresh air, resulting in a healthier living environment. Don’t you agree with me? But how many of us are dragging our feet every weekend (that is the only little time I have to clean my house) or hate to do the house cleaning chores, including myself. So, I need help! I need something which is effective, handy and user friendly to help me clean my home. You know how laborious and tiring home cleaning can be right. 

Samsung introduced Samsung Aquatic, Samsung NaviBot-Silencio and Samsung FlexSlim vacuum cleaners to offer smarter cleaning options that fulfill various levels of cleaning requirements.  Be it for quick daily cleaning up to heavy duty vacuuming, Samsung has just the right solution.

Samsung NaviBot-Silencio

Intelligent Vacuuming with Samsung NaviBot-Silencio
This vacuum is the symbolic of a Father who think by pressing a button the house can clean by itself ~ auto mode. The compact, sleek and agile Samsung NaviBot-Silencio robotic vacuum cleaner is set to revolutionize domestic cleaning through an innovative intelligent navigation system called Visionary Mapping System. This robotic vacuum cleaner is capable of performing comprehensive cleaning on its own, I can program the Samsung NaviBot-Silencio robotic vacuum cleaner to clean even when I am are away from home. 

It can effectively cleans from carpets and rugs to smooth surfaces and pet hair. Its innovative Turbo Mode provides users high-powered cleaning for thorough suction of dirt and dust hidden under deep fabric layers while the Micro Fiber Polisher meticulously captures micro dust on smooth surfaces, giving smooth surface a polished after effect.

Samsung Aquatic

Goodbye to Allergies with Samsung Aquatic
This vacuum is the symbolic of a Mother who is hard working and really particular about house cleanliness. The Samsung Aquatic is a water-based vacuum cleaner built with allergy control in mind. The highly innovative Samsung Aquatic has been certified by the British Allergy Foundation for its ground-breaking contribution in allergy care. 

Waa... looking so happy doing house chores? hehehe

This is the Aqua Chamber
look at the amount of dust collected geee

Equipped with the Allergy Care+ function, Samsung Aquatic vacuum cleaner, unlike other water-filtration vacuums, detects common allergy factors unseen to the human eye. Its dust management method includes 98.1% dust retention through a wetting process in an Aqua Multi Chamber, resulting in fresh air free of allergens. This easy to use Samsung Aquatic vacuum cleaner is perfect for users wanting powerful suction power for effective cleaning results. 

Samsung FlexSlim

Enjoy utmost convenience with Samsung FlexSlim
Aha this is like me, something handy, light, quick and stylish for everyday cleaning. A vacuum cleaner is a must-have for minimalist that wants convenient solutions. The slim, stick-based Samsung FlexSlim vacuum cleaner efficiently captures all dust and debris using a movable rubber edge cleaner that opens and closes whenever the vacuum cleaner is pushed and pulled. Adding on to this, is an effective swivel brush to give users an added edge as they can clean difficult to reach areas, such as under the table and bed.

She is so hardworking 

While air is cleaned and released back into the environment, the Samsung FlexSlim vacuum cleaner sieves dust particles and debris into an outer chamber that can be easily cleaned. It possesses operational abilities up to twice longer than convention stick-based vacuum cleaners and can be easily detached to serve as a handy vacuum for cleaning inside a car and even areas with limited space.

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  2. I think the changes to your site look great! It seems like there's always an area that needs cleaning and organizing in my life.

  3. Hmmm this is interesting. I actually run a professional cleaning company myself and have my guys come in to do proper cleaning everyone once in a while. But it seems like the Navibot could reduce the work load and that means they would come less often.

    Where do you recommend buying one?

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