A bluutiful Experience at bluunis

Carla Soong (in dark blue) with bluunis Impressionists

Beautiful is young, discover the journey of youth and beauty with bluunis...

bluunis unsheathes the beautiful woman. With everyone decked out in bluunis’ delectable shade of blue, the jiving beats of a live jazz band paved the way for what would soon evolve into a fabulous afternoon for all in attendance at 1 Utama.

From left: Renne (model), Jessie Koo, Chan Tai Seng, Chong Sui Pei, Alice Sim, 
Carla Soong and Eliana (model)

Carla Soong, Alice Sim, Chong Sui Pei, Jessie Koo and Megan Tan

Carla Soong

The event was attended by celebrity model Carla Soong and three bluunis ambassadors who were present to share their ‘bluutiful’ experience with invited guest. bluunis has introduced not only its famed “new brownaissance” eyebrow embroidery services, but also a host of facial, anti-aging and body treatment that stays true to the brand origin and encapsulates the spirit and ethos of the modern women.  

Megan Tan, host asking beauty tips from Carla Soong

Carla Soong sharing her beauty secrets

Carla Soong revealing her secrets to looking gorgeous and fabulous with invited guests and members of the media. As a vivid embodiment of “beautiful is young”, Carla attributed the many ways to look her best even after childbirth.

“Beauty doesn’t stem from affirmation from others,” she said. “But rather, from within – when we love the way we look, everything seems perfect and I feel empowered and unstoppable. It’s a riveting sensation that allows us to take on the world. It’s a wonderful feeling!”

Chit Chat Session: Megan Tan, Jessie Koo, Chong Sui Pei & Alice Sim

bluunis ambassadors –  Jessie Koo, Alice Sim and Chong Sui Pei – each strutted down the runway as walking-talking testimonies of what bluunis is capable of unearthing in women from all walks of life.

Jessie Koo, Alice Sim and Chong Sui Pei showing Oxynergy Paris products 

bluunis Impressionist with Oxynergy

Oxynergy Paris Products

Jazz Band

Bluunis also fully endorse the wide-appealing services of the brand such as HLS treatment, Histanage facials and Oxyrapy that they undertook with their personalised ‘bluutiful PASSPORT’. Designed as a priority beauty pass, the three ambassadors enjoyed a magnitude of benefits that also entitled them to special privileges such as unlimited rewards, birthday surprises, mystery gifts and pampering treatment packages. 

For more info, log on to bluunis.com


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