Let’s Eat, Write & Win at Selangorlicious Food Blogging Competition Season 2

We, Malaysian love to eat, aren’t we?
Do you know you can win $$$ from eating and blogging about it.

Yes, if you are the type of person who love to eat, have the desire to hunt for good, the passion to share about your food and experience and take pictures you are on the way to win $$$... Selangorlicious just launch their Food Blogging Competition Season 2 at Paradox Art Café, Bandar Utama on 13th Jun 2012.

Having lots of fun at the event...
playing the mini games, mingling with the bloggers and 
of course nom nom nom at Paradox Art Cafe :-)

In addition to the competition, the Selangorlicious will organize a fun monthly outing called Selangorlicious EatOut, where participants will be taken to different districts each time. Supporting publications for the benefit of tourists will be published such Selangorlicious Good Food Guide and the Ramadhan Promotion Guide.

Briefing about the Selangorlicious by Fazly Razally, Manager of 
Events & Marketing of Tourism Selangor

“The powerful attraction of food is undeniable. Selangor houses some of the best food establishments in the country, so Tourism Selangor is on the right track by focusing on food,” commented Fazly Razally.

YB Elizabeth Wong sharing her passion for food

“Selangorlicious Food Blogging Competition is part of the Selangorlicious campaign to promote food tourism to domestic and foreign visitors. The competition is also afunplatform to highlight the state’s great food haunts that many people may not be aware of,” said YB Elizabeth Wong, Chairman Standing Committee for Tourism, Consumer Affairs and Environment of Selangor.

 Fazly Razally, En. Amri Rohayat, Ms. Jessica Mok, YB Elizabeth Wong and Mr. James
Question & Answer Session

This Food Blogging competition is open to bloggers and non-bloggers, begins on 15th June to 15th July 2012, where participants put in blog entries on their enjoyable food experiences in and around Selangor. For the first time the competition will allow participants to blog in their chosen medium, English, Bahasa Malaysia or Mandarin.  The blogs will be judged on the creativity and are required to maintain proper use of the chosen language. 

Competition Mechanics
Open to Malaysians and foreign visitors to Malaysia of all ages, the Selangorlicious Food Blogging Competition runs from 15th June to 15th July 2012.

How to participate:-
1. Go out and eat at any eatery (big or small) in Selangor.
2. Write about your experience on your blog (make it as interesting as possible!) either in English, Bahasa Malaysia or Mandarin.
3. Submit the write-up to our website at www.selangorlicious.my, together with photos of the visit.

The competition offers an enticing array of attractive prizes.ENGLISH
1stPrize –RM5,000 cash
1stPrize –RM5,000 cash
1stPrize –RM5,000 cash
2ndPrize –RM3,000 cash
2ndPrize –RM3,000 cash
2ndPrize –RM3,000 cash
3rdPrize –RM1,500 cash
3rdPrize –RM1,500 cash
3rdPrize –RM1,500 cash
RM1,000 cash
RM1,000 cash
Weekly prizes

Submission Criteria:-
Write ups must be between 200 to 400 words in length, written in either English,  Bahasa Malaysia or Mandarin. Each write up must be accompanied by 10 photographs (in jpeg format) of the food trip, as follows:
1. 2 photos of the eatery exterior
2. 2 photos of the eatery interior
3. 6 photos of the food served at the sitting (and/or the participants enjoying their food)

Participants must sign up for a username and password at www.selangorlicious.my. Each participant can submit as many entries asthey like under the same username, or they can choose to submit multiple entries under different guises. The more important criterion is to simply have fun!

Judging Process
Winning entries will be sifted through a 2-step process:
1. Step 1: Visitors to the www.selangorlicious.my website can vote for each entry by clicking a star rating found under each entry.
2. At the closing of the competition, entries receiving 3 stars or more will be collected and presented to a team of judges for final selection.
3. Step 2: The shortlisted entries will then be submitted to a jury panel, who will then choose the winners.
4. The judges and jury panel decisions are final.

Closing Date
The final date for entry submissions is 15 July 2012, after which the website will no longer accept new uploads. Judging will take place within a week, and winners will be announced on 15 August 2012.

For more information, log on to www.selangorlicious.my

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