Parker’s Revolution: Discover the 5TH Technology of Parker Ingenuity with Ms. Odile Garcia

Ms. Odile Garcia the Senior Marketing manager For Asia pacific, Newwell Rubbermaid

It was a small and intimate session with Ms. Odile Garcia to discover the Parker 5th Technology and unveiling of Parker Ingenuity Collections at the Ben’s KLCC. My discovery towards an effortlessly smooth, smart gliding feeling that adjusts to my writing style after just a few words. A pleasure of writing…

Parker has set a Revolution with its latest innovation consists of a cutting-edge refill tip and an engraved metallic hood – together they constitute Parker 5TH Technology, the next generation in pens.


The Parker Ingenuity Collection has been created for exclusive use with the Parker 5TH Technology; this collection of unparalleled style and elegance makes this writing system the ultimate accessory for today’s stylish man and woman.

This work revealed an expectation for a single pen that combines the value of a metallic modern hood design, the superior experience of a soft writing feel and the convenience of a clean refill.

A little introduction about Ms. Odile Garcia the Senior Marketing manager For Asia pacific, Newwell Rubbermaid. In 2010, Odile took on the challenge to join the regional team for Parker and Waterman in North America and moved to Chicago. There, she trained the newly formed team and contributed in identifying opportunities for growth, setting the stage for development in new channels, including e-commerce. Since January 2012, Odile has joined the Asia Pacific team for Newell Rubbermaid. She is collaborating closely with teams in South East Asia, Korea, Japan, and Taiwan to define the strategies for Parker, Rotring and Waterman.

 Ms. Odile Garcia with the Team from Parker Malaysia and Singapore

 Ms. Odile Garcia with guests from Parkson Malaysia

Parker announces the start of a global pop-up activation plan to highlight the ground-breaking launch of Parker 5TH Technology and the Parker Ingenuity Collection. This innovative new system presents an entirely new mode of writing – so revolutionary, it needs to be fully experienced.

 The guests at Parker Suria KLCC

With the aim of gaining a new generation’s interest in fine writing – including those who may not frequent pen shops – the international leader in the fine writing arena expands its retail presence in the form of innovative pop-up locations across the globe. A stunning presentation of the 12-piece Parker Ingenuity Collection and an engaging writing experience.

Parker Ingenuity Collection and the Parker 5TH Technology are available 
at exclusive and prestigious locations in Malaysia this year at:

Suria KLCC from 28th May to 10th June 2012
Pavilion Kuala Lumpur from 4th June to 17th June 2012
One Utama from 13th June to 24th June 2012

Experience the pleasure of writing...

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