Samsung Smart Living

The Samsung Digital Appliances Convention 2011, a complete showcase of total Samsung Smart Living

From left: Mr. Chan Lock, VP of Consumer Electronics, Mr. Kwon Jae Hoon, Managing Director, Mr. Gary Te, Director, Home Appliances Business Unit and Mr. Li Mun Kwong, Senior Manager, Air Conditioner Business Unit 

Samsung has captured a strong 28% market share in TV category and are already moving to become no 1 in the Mobile Phone category. The Digital Appliances 2011 Convention showcases a host of products under five main categories; Smart Refrigeration Solution, Smart Cooking Convenience; Smart Laundry Performance; Smart Cleaning and Smart Saving and Cooling.

Mr. Kwon Jae Hoon, Managing Director of Samsung Malaysia Electronics Sdn. Bhd. said, “Samsung as a company has always been evolving towards Smarter Living. We are already a global leader in the Smart TV and Smart Phone categories and now we are looking to strengthen and grow our position in the Smart Digital Appliances category by bringing to our consumers Smart Digital Appliances.”

“Our product offerings will now allow for complete Smart Living; through Smart Designs that create functionality for consumers, Smart Experiences; through a wide variety of applications, games and programming, and Smart Connections; as Samsung devices are able to connect to each other, share content and enhance user experiences,” he added.

Group Photo
From left: Mr. James Yoo, Advisor, Digital Appliances Business Unit, Mr. Chan Lock, VP of Consumer Electronics, Mr. Kwon Jae Hoon, Managing Director, Mr. Gary Te, Director, Home Appliances Business Unit, Mr. Jimmy Tan, Director, Marketing Department and Mr. Li Mun Kwong, Senior Manager, Air Conditioner Business Unit

Bring you through the journey of Smart Living with Samsung Digital Appliances 

Smart Refrigeration Solutions
There is something for everyone! Consumers will be spoilt for choice with Samsung’s multitude of offerings comprising stylish designs with great functionality. Single door (RA19PT Single-Door), Two doors (RT45USGL 2-Door), Multiple doors (BCD410DNTS Multi-Door) and French Doors (RFG28MESL 4-Door) for large storage space RS26MBZBL Luxurious Refrigerator

French Doors (RFG28MESL 4-Door)

Smart Laundry Performance
Samsung Eco Bubble washing machine comes in advanced design and energy efficient technology with 70% reduction in energy consumption. Samsung Wobble washing machine features unique 3DDynamic Wash, gives you tangle free clothes and 40% water savings.
Samsung EcoBubble

Samsung Wobble

Smart Saving and Cooling
The Rose air conditioner is an elegant and sleek product which was designed using a rose as its motif. Featuring Samsung’s ‘Smart’ energy saving technology, which allows energy savings of up to 60%. In addition, these products also have full HD filter allowing up to 80% filtration and virus doctor, which eliminates biological contaminants and neutralizes active oxygen radicals. 

The Rose Air Conditioner

Virus Doctor

Smart Cooking Convenience
Samsung’s range of Kitchen Solutions with the stylish design and convenience, cooking will never be the same again. Perfect for those with little time to spare, the CP1395EST Microwave Convection Oven is one of the smartest cooking devices around. Whereas most microwave ovens offer a limited selection of cooking options, the CP1395EST Microwave Convection Oven offers food lovers various cooking options is designed to cater to every palate. The OmniSense functionality will give users a multi-sensor cooking experience while the ceramic enamel interior allows for easy and ensuring hygiene. 

Samsung Kitchen Solutions

CP1395EST Microwave Convection Oven

Smart Cleaning
Samsung’s wide range of vacuum cleaners from powerful suction, standalone to robotic, offers one of the best carpet and hard floor pick-ups in the market. This means no more residues left behind. The VCC8820 Vacuum Cleaner is lighter in weight, more compact and provides longer lasting suction. It also emits very low noise level and saves energy while ensuring that every area is thoroughly cleaned. The Navibot Silencio (VCR8895 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner) has recently been upgraded and now emits a very low noise level as well as a microfiber polisher function.  

VCC8820 Vacuum Cleaner

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