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Choosing the right brush for our hair is essential. 
Do you know that, different type of hair brushes cater for different hair needs and hair types. As in makeup, where you have different brush tools for the cheeks, the eyes, and the lips, there is a wide range of different hair brushes which address specific coif concerns.

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For instance, that the standard brush you used to comb out your hair every day and every night is not the same one you should be utilizing for a blow-dry. And did you know that some round brushes are made especially for curling the hair, while others are designed to volumize from rootto tip? 

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Today, Acca Kappa carries about over 200 different kinds of brushes and is used by the members of the British royal family and American talk show host Oprah Winfrey. Variations of brushes are immense and they meet the different needs of the customers. 

The Process of Acca Kappa Brush Making

My previous post about Acca Kappa was Protection Brush Review. Today I am going to introduce more Acca Kappa brushes plus some hairstyling tips using Acca Kappa brushes.
Round Wooden Thermic Brush 

Suitable for Quick Blow Dry & Curls

Round Wooden Thermic Brush 

If you want to get the most out of your blow dryer, this is the right brush for you. The ventilated barrels allow greater flow of air from the dryer and prevent further hair damage from constant blow drying. Correct spacing and height of the nylon bristles is especially great for easy blow drying for non-professionals and especially easy to do at home. The brush is also made of kotibe wood for faster curling and styling as heat will be concentrated at the barrels. It is also made with anti-slip handle for a perfect and comfortable grip in any situation. Using this brush, you can add plenty of volume and style to your hair.

Usage: Quick Blow-drying. This brush is perfect for blow-drying in a pinch—the special finishing on the handle assures perfect grip, even when you’re rushing through the motions.
Tips: For styling, curling and volume
Price: RM120

Pneumatic Paddle Brush

Pneumatic Paddle Brush

What does Pneumatic mean?
Technically: ‘moved or worked by air pressure’ and ‘adapted for holding or inflated with compressed air’. Air is compressible; therefore the brush is less likely to be damaged by shock, because the air absorbs excessive force

Acca Kappa Pneumatic Brush, made with Kotibe Wood and Heat Resistant Nylon Pins with rounded epoxy tips, delicately massages the scalp improving circulation. The specific shape of the natural rubber cushion allows the pressure to be absorbed and distributed evenly, providing a gentle bushing action on hair and scalp. Ideal to prepare medium and long hair for styling.

Rounded ended tip to provide a delicate massage on the scalp and natural rubber cushion to enable the pressure to be absorbed and evenly distributed on the whole brush for a more gentle massage. Small in size and with the right shape makes it ideal for travel or fit in your daily carry bag.

Tips: For daily combing or massaging. Easy for travel use.
Price: RM100 for Pneumatic Paddle Brush (12A X 965)
Price: RM150 for Pneumatic Large Paddle Brush (12A X 960)

 Pneumatic Wooden Boar Bristle Travel Brush 

 Pneumatic Wooden Boar Bristle Travel Brush

Acca Kappa Pneumatic Travel Brush with Kotibe Wood and Pure Boar Bristles is designed to stimulate the scalp and polish the hair shaft. The specific shape of the natural rubber cushion allows the pressure to be absorbed and distributed evenly, providing a gentle brushing action on hair and scalp. This anti-static bush is ideal for medium and long hair.

This brush is designed so that every individual tuft penetrates through the hair to the scalp. The large quantity of tufts ensures that the scalp is stimulated while the hair follicle is polished. They redistribute oil throughout the hair as you brush, boosting shine and brilliance. Boar bristle is one of the best hairs to attract the natural oils from our hair and evenly distributes it for a conditioning effect. This Acca Kappa brush is also anti-static. It is easy travel-sized one so it’s easier to hold and handle while brushing your hair into the latest sleek hairdo.

Tips: Use daily to add shine to your hair and to create a sleek and neat ponytail or bun.
Price: RM120

Here are some tutorials and tips to create your favourite hairstyles at home with Acca Kappa hair brushes by Mr. Rinaldo Rampon, Renown Italian Hairstylist
Picture from Acca Kappa Malaysia FB
 Sexy Curls Hair
Picture from Acca Kappa Malaysia FB
 Foxy Hair
Picture from Acca Kappa Malaysia FB
Straight Hair 
Picture from Acca Kappa Malaysia FB
 History of Acca Kappa 

Acca Kappa Brushes colorful too... 

My experience with Acca Kappa brushes at Belfry Salon, Pavilion KL HERE 

Acca Kappa Hair Brush Campaign promotion going on at 
Acca Kappa outlet in 1 Utama and Pavilion from 24 June to 15 Sept 2011. 

You can purchase a set of any 3 Acca Kappa brushes at RM280 (worth up to RM390). Plus from from 7 July – 7 Aug 2011, it will only cost you RM265 instead of RM280 for 3 brushes with RM15 Cash Voucher C00001 from HERE 

If you are interested to try out the brushes head to Acca Kappa Outlet at 1 Utama and Pavilion KL. 

For more information logon to Acca Kappa Malaysia Facebook


  1. The Round Wooden Thermic Brush looks like the perfect thing for me! Too bad the brushes are so expensive. I can't afford to fork few hundred RM just for a few hair brushes, lol.

  2. hi Laura, thanks for your feedback. these brushes are very long lasting and gives good effect on your hair. do go to their outlet to try out the brushes. there is promotions going on in Acca Kappa 1 Utama and Pavilion outlet. 3 brushes for only RM265 with the RM15 disc voucher.


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