Weekend Pampering Session at bmic Nail Spa Salon, Starhill Gallery KL

Yay! i love weekend. It the only time I can do my own things, MY ME TIME. So it was my pampering weekend. Well i did manicure, pedicure, scrub and nail art at bmic Nail Spa Salon. Nice cozy place...   

Was served Water and Mix Nuts 
yummy & healthy

My friendly and cheerful therapist name is Angela Baby. She prefer to be called 'Baby'. I can't imagine the male clients call her 'Baby' errr... ahemmm.... joking joking. 'Baby' dont get angry. Check out Baby’s assets (tools) plus all her hello kitty decorations OMG so kawaii. I want to do Hello Kitty nail art next time.   

Manicure. Aroma Rose Hand Scrub (mineral salt with rose extract and essential oil) smells nice and feels good. Followed by hand massage using OPI Avojuice Jasmine Hand & Body Lotion. Not only that... Plus i get to watch Beyonce shaking her bootilicious and singing 'I am single lady' on sunday afternoon. Can't stop laughing. What??? There is a flat screen TV in front of me. LOL

Nail filing, buffing, cuticle treatment and coloring. Wah... can't imagine got so much dead skin cell... geee... I have hard time choosing the nail color that I want, spoilt by choice. So many colors to choose.  

At last i decided OPI Royal Rajah Ruby I52. I prefer strong dark ~ intense. Perhaps next time i would try nude or light color see how is it look like...

Nail Art Stamping was fun. Well it looks easy but its not. Have to stamp it real fast at the exact spot before the ink dries. If turn out bad then have to redo the coloring process again. 

How? This design ok or not? I choose gingko leave and butterfly. 
Simple and small design just nice for short nail.

Pedicure Session

Time pamper my feet... 
with Aroma Rose scrub, massage, trimmed & etc...

 Same color for hand and toe nails

I like this Jasmine OPI Avojuice Hand & Body Lotion 
so smooth and smell nice ~ like jasmine girl

There are many Stamping Nail Art Designs 
Which one you like?    

bmic Nail Spa Salon
S18, Pamper Floor Starhill Gallery Shopping Centre
181 Jalan Bukit Bintang
55100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel : (603) 2148 1818
Fax : (603) 2141 0188
Email : bmic33@gmail.com

For more information about bmic Nail Spa Salon please visit their Website

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