Product Review: Charles Worthington Shine All Over Gloss Spray

Charles Worthington
Shine All Over Gloss Spray
Salon Finish

All The Gloss
The ultimate gloss spray for boosting shine between washes, the All-Over Gloss Spray with added crystal extract incorporates a clever mirror-shine formula for dazzling shine. Banish flyaways and split ends with a gorgeously glossy, smooth finish.

Review: Shine All Over Gloss Spray is convenient and easy to use anywhere and anytime. Sometimes when my hair looks dull and lifeless, I spray this all over my hair, scrunch a little and it gives slight instant shine and style. I like is the scent. Makes my hair smells fresh and good.
Recommendations: I also use it as hair perfume. When I hangout with friends till late night at ‘smoky’ places, the next morning if I don’t have time to wash my hair, I just spray more to get rid or reduce all the unwanted smells on my hair.

I keep it in my handbag too. When I in the rush and my hair look messy / unruly, I just spray and slightly style. Well it is better than nothing, at least it look shinny, tidy, moisturize and smells fresh.

The shine will only last maximum for a day. If you want to achieve the all over gloss look, spray again.  

Texture: Clear color like water. Not oily. Not sticky.

Scent: Perfumery

Result: Hair smells good and fresh. Feel smooth and look shiny.

Directions: use on dry hair. Spray sparingly over finished style.

Charles Tips: This ultimate hair accessory is great for boosting shine between washes. The result of intensive salon research with Charles, the unique shine-enhancing formula can be lifted even more when used with the Brilliant Shine range.

Content: 75ml

Price: RM 29.90

Brilliant Shine Range

Charles Worthington products are available at Watsons

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