Beauty With Ink by Canon PIXMA G Series & MG Series

Well, sometimes I work from home and as a blogger home office is a must for me. How about you? Do you have a home office? One of important gadgets beside my laptop, workstation, camera, internet connection, is a printer at home. Few weeks ago, I was at Canon #BeautyWithInk bloggers event at Simply Mel’s to learn and explore about the latest PIXMA G Series & MG Series inkjet printers.

Beauty With Ink by Canon PIXMA G Series & MG Series 

Yes, printer is still relevant for home office, I need it to print and scan my documents, invoices and etc. Here are the new inkjet printers from Canon PIXMA G Series – G1000, G2000 and G3000 and the PIXMA Photo All-In-One (AIO) MG Series – MG3670, MG5770 and MG7770.

PIXMA G Series – G1000, G2000 & G3000 and PIXMA Photo All-In-One (AIO) 
MG Series – MG3670, MG5770 & MG7770

Great! The PIXMA G Series is an extension to the Ink Efficient range, incorporating the Canon Refillable Ink Tank System technology which is hybrid ink system.  The G Series inkjet printers range allows for more effective printing without compromising on quality. Plus, you don't have to burn your pocket buying expensive ink with Sell Toner you can find these inks at good prices. 

Canon PIXMA G Series refillanble or ink tank 

For those who use to purchase compatible ink refill or ink tank now they have no reason not to buy the genuine ink refills from Canon which cost only RM30 per color. The PIXMA G series ink bottle design features a screw-down cap that prevents unwanted leakages. The bottle tips are customized to assist in smooth ink flow during refills without causing any mess or splatters.

Canon Refill Ink only RM30 per colour 

Let’s look at what are the functions and suitability for G1000, G2000 and G3000. All these 3 G Series are equipped with refillable ink tank for high volume printing output of 6,000 pages (black) and 7,000 pages (colour) with fast print speed at low cost per print.

PIXMA G1000, G2000 and G3000

  • single function which is print up to A4 size
  • suitable for students to print their assignments and projects
  • Price: RM499 inclusive GST

  • multifunction for print and scan up to A4 size
  • suitable for home office that required to submit scanned documents or able to scanned the contracts or documents and keep in archive.
  • Price: RM599 inclusive GST 

  • multifunction and wireless
  • this is the most advance in the series, the wireless feature allows for instant connection to mobile phones, tablets and laptops through its Wi-Fi feature. With this feature, printing of documents and photos be it through mobile or cloud printing is so convenient.
  • print from Android device directly using Canon Print Service without having to download a printer-dependent mobile application.
  • print photos and documents directly from PIXMA Cloud Link and Google Cloud Print
  • able to print borderless photos of up to A4 sizes while a 4R borderless photo can be produced in 60 seconds.
  • suitable for home office or small office with multiple users or those who on the go and can send the document to print via Wi-Fi and when they get back its ready.
  • Price: RM799 inclusive GST
The spill resistant ink bottle

Overall, latest PIXMA G Series is stylish in black, compact and durable with an added convenience of see-through ink tanks within the printer body. The spill resistant ink bottle. Plus the inkjet printers are quite affordable with fast print speed at low cost per print. The G3000 is the most suitable for my home office and my lifestyle. 

 Canon PIXMA MG3670, MG5570 and MG7770

For those who would like to not only print and scan documents but also print high quality photos then the MG Series printers are the one suitable for you. The new range of PIXMA MG Series for Photo All-In-One (AIO) printers which includes MG3670 in red, MG5770 in black and the flagship MG7770 in black, red and new gold colour. The overall outlook is quite compact and stylish with the colours that can match our interior design easily.

 Canon PIXMA MG7770

With quick set-up time, wireless printing and innovative solutions such as PIXMA Printing Solutions, Easy-PhotoPrint+ and PIXMA Cloud Link make it easier and more convenient to print directly using mobile devices, as well as online sharing platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, OneNote, Evernote, Dropbox, Google Drive and SlideShare.

Sent photo via wi-fi to Canon PIXMA MG7770 using smartphone

The hassle free, step-by-step setup process is possible with the new Canon PRINT Inkjet/SELPHY app which performs a dual role of printer setup and registration. Saving approximately 30% on setup time, it is available for free in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Cost efficient and environment friendly for these 3 MG series with the built-in Auto Power ON feature. These printers will be turned on automatically when a print command is sent from a computer and after a period of inactivity, they will be switched off automatically. This power-saving technology is compatible with both Wi-Fi and USB connection. The MG3670 comes with a 1+2-year in-house warranty, whereas the MG5770 and MG7770 have a 1+2-year on-site warranty. 

Only PIXMA MG7770 has Memory Card Slot

Here are the differences for each model:

·         4R photo print speed 44 secs
·         Price: RM350 inclusive GST

·         4R photo print speed 41 secs
·         NFC and wireless PictBridge functions
·         2.5” Color LCD
·         Price: RM406 inclusive GST

·         4R photo print speed 21 secs
·         NFC and wireless PictBridge functions
·         3.5” Touch Screen Colour LCD with Intelligent Touch System
·         Direct Disc Print, Memory Card Slot
·         Price: RM841 inclusive GST

Well if you are looking for a printer that can cater for your black and white document and scan plus at the same time able to print good quality photos then the MG Series is suitable for you. Among the 3 models, I like the MG7770 that gives not only a great photo quality but also the speed only 21 secs per photo and borderless. 

There is printer that suits your need whether in monochrome or vivid colours, quicker and more conveniently without compromising its quality. With constant innovations and solid foundation to meets consumer printing the needs, Canon is the No.1 Inkjet Printer Brand in Malaysia for 20 consecutive years.

To emphasizing their after sales service, Canon has a main service centre at Headquarters in Peremba Square as well as 7 branches and 98 Canon authorized service providers nationwide. The latest addition of Canon Customer Care Center in Plaza Low Yat this month will specialize in camera and printer servicing.

Apart from the printers we were also introduced to Canon’s Social Hub platform This platform is a seamless integrated engagement channel that combines both content marketing and social media. It will encourage users to be more interactive with relevant articles, reviews, tutorials and videos enabling us to share and recommend the contents to their friends and families. 

Canon Blogger Event @ Simply Mel's

I am glad that I attended this event not only I get to know about these new innovative Canon Inkjet Printers but also learn that every successful company or brand is support by a strong foundation and also the continuous improvements plus innovations to meet customer needs.

For more information about the latest printers, please visit Canon Malaysia Website and Facebook Page


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  18. PIXMA has always been great in printing and to have all these functions with it is very great as to assist all.

  19. PIXMA has always been great in printing and to have all these functions with it is very great as to assist all.


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