10 Fashion Rules to Adhere To

I used to be a cautious dresser, followed the pack, sometimes refer to the magazines or online for fashion inspiration and pored over the designer dresses. After all, clothing is a way for other people to see what you are without speaking a word to you. We all have uniforms for how we live our lives, but sometimes it’s nice to break the mould a little bit and to step outside of what’s expected for how we live.

10 Fashion Rules to Adhere To
10 Fashion Rules to Adhere To

In order to do so you need confidence and so here are my top ten rules for fashion dressing.

Rule 1: Thou shalt understand thy body type
I don’t mean here that you need to know if you’re an apple or a pear body shape, I just mean that you need to understand how to structure an outfit so that it best suits your body shape. When you’re dressing yourself, it can be helpful to understand what kind of hem line works best for your leg length, or what kind of sleeves work well with a mini-skirt; that kind of things.

Rule 2: Thou shalt be comfortable
Comfort is everything. You don’t have to suffer for your fashion. Make sure that your choices revolve around where you’re wearing them and what you’ll be doing in your clothes.

Rule 3: Thou shalt not wear ill-fitting clothing
If your dress looks like it was made for a teen, then perhaps that’s who should be wearing it. Understand that if it’s tight and looks set to rupture, it may very well do so. Choose well-fitted clothing for yourself and reap the rewards of your good style.

Rule 4: Thou shalt be confident
Everyone can see when you’re confident and it spills over into your outfit and style. Rock your chosen outfit with aplomb and people will never question your choices.

Rule 5: Thou shalt invest in the classics
There is nothing finer than owning a beautiful classic piece, whether it’s a bag, dress or pair of shoes. You should spend your money on the beautiful pieces when you can, and don’t fritter it away on cheap knock-offs.

Rule 6: Thou shalt choose quality over quantity
Always… and never renege on this one.

Rule 7: Thou shalt dress for the occasion
Read the invitation, and then read it again. Make sure you don’t stand out at the party by wearing the wrong kind of frock.

Rule 8: Thou shalt be merciless
If you haven’t worn it in a year, it’s time to sell, donate or bin it.

Rule 9: Thou shalt have fun with it
Don’t be too rigid - fashion is about fun as well as style.

Rule 10: Thou shalt look after thy clothing

If it says ‘don’t machine wash’ on the label, then that’s exactly what you should do. Follow the care instructions well, and your clothing will last alot longer. Hand Washing may be arduous, but it certainly makes all of your underwear and fragile items look a whole lot more taken care of.

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