Unlimited Internet for Urbanites & Youth

I was so frustrated when I need to send some urgent emails or check some important information online and then my data plan finished. Kaboom!!! Why it happened only when I needed it the most… blamed it on murphy’s law again. It is a trend that we need internet simultaneously to stay connected with ease and worry-free on limited data usage. I need a peace of mind to do my work and go online whenever I want, hmm.. perhaps P1 ToGo unlimited internet plan is the answer for me and urbanites.

Well, internet user like me with heavy consumption of high definition (HD) content and utilization of large screen devices are identified as the main reasons of data limit depletion before the end of a bill cycle. Therefore, Packet One Networks Sdn Bhd launched their latest P1 ToGo promotion offering 1-month free subscription for those who purchase online with unlimited quota. If you wish to know more about this campaign please visit http://www.p1.com.my/mifi/

The P1 ToGo promotion campaign offers more value to users by giving unlimited internet data with speed up to 1Mbps at only RM115.53 per month. Plus you get free MiFi device and free first month subscription.

Well, I have triedthe P1 ToGo with MiFi Broadband unit which can connect to multiple WiFi enabled devices at the same time such at my smartphone, laptop, tablets and I can also share 4G internet with my friends. 

Mine is the P1 MX230, the pocket-size, sleek and light 4G portable MiFi Modem, that can share up to 8 WiFi devices and last up to 6 hours. It's versatile and user-friendly. 

MiFi MX230 specifications:
  • Built-in 802.11 b/g Wifi
  • 69.0mm x 69.0mm x 13.0mm
  • 75 grams
  • Battery usage up to 6 hours
  • Supports Windows XP, Vista, and 7, Mac OS X 10.5, 10.6 or higher.

There are 3 plans available for P1 ToGo, the unlimited data is only applicable for RM115.53 per month with speed up to 1Mbps and RM168.54 per month with speed up to 2 Mbps. Go for the unlimited data, if you are in town or urban area there should not have any problem getting the signal. The RM115.53 is good enough unless you need a faster speed you can go for the 2 Mbps. 

P1 provides 4G and broadband in Peninsular Malaysia. Before you subscribe the package you can check out the coverage area on there website. The P1 ToGo promotion is running from 6 April to 13 May 2015. For more information about P1, please visit http://www.p1.com.my


  1. Unlimited internet? That is exactly what I need!

    1. The promotion is until 13th May, subscribe asap.


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