Korean Drama Series: Cheongdamdong Scandal

Cheongdamdong Scandal, Korean Drama Series,

Do you like scandalous drama? If yes this is the one you might want to take a peep… be careful lo, once you start peeping I am afraid you get addicted and start chasing for the next episode. Cheongdam District a neighborhood in Seoul which epitomizes the ultimate prestige, wealth and desires of the most wealthy. But beneath this lie ugly scandals, illicit relationships and wrongful deeds in Cheongdamdong Scandal.

This is an intense drama about family scandals and illicit affairs, the story follows Hyun Soo (Choi Jung Yoon) who marries into a wealthy family, and unbeknownst to her, her mother-in-law So-Jung (Kim Hye Sun) goes to extreme ends to sabotage her relationship with her husband.

Cast: Choi Jung Yoon (Ojakgyo Brothers), Lee Joong Moon (Daring Women), Kang Sung Min (Good Daughter), Seo Eun Chae (God’s Eye View), Im Sung Uhn (Take Care of Us, Captain). 

Director: Jung Hyo

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