Trust is Earned Not Given Nor Expected

Hey today is the first day of 2015! So far everything is going good for me and I hope the rest of the year will be smooth. I wish that you and your family have a blessed 2015. May your life filled with harmony, health and happiness. This year I decided not to post the Happy New Year wish because of all the not so favorable incidents that happened to Malaysia in 2014. Well, life goes on, we shall move on and look forward for brighter days. Do you want to know why I decided to post about Trust is Earned Not Given Nor Expected?

Living in this world without trust is painful. Without trust stories are invented and dramas flow freely. Trust is something that need to be earned not given nor expected. How many times someone broke our trust? How many times we felt that we are betrayed by a person that we trust? How many of us felt cheated by our loved one? We need to cut away these betrayers and cheaters from our life. Because we deserve a better life and to be happy.

Trust! Is a word that holds everything together be it in a family, relationship, friendship, business, workplace or anything we do. In a family we trust each other because we grow up together and the bonding in there. I know some family member do betray each other because of money or inheritance. What went wrong? Why? This is because of greed. Let me tell you Greed is human enemy and weakness.

Trust in relationship between husband and wife, girlfriend and boyfriend. Trust is so important but when we trusted our partner or spouse more than 100% shit happened also. In this competitive world temptation is everywhere. I know some husband and boyfriend cheats, root cause is third party or the husband or boyfriend is itchy or too weak to resist temptation. Its better you discover it earlier than later. Remember short term pain long term gain.

Friendship arghh… please lah do not take your friends for granted, don’t be a sucker. Can you lead your life with dignity don’t be a slime. Well, you can ask for help or assistance and that is ok. We understand that but do remember to let your friends know that you actually valued their help and appreciate them. I don’t mean by buying them expensive gift or big treats, it has to come from your heart - sincerity. Your friend can feel it. I really dislike those friends that borrow money from me and then disappeared from my life. Not only I lost money but also friends, anyway at least I know their true color.  

Trust in workplace and business is your reputation and your value. It has to be built through time not overnight. Even though you go through many challenges but you still keep to your words and deliver what you have promised then you have successfully built the trust. Remember actions speak louder than words.

It is not up to us to be lied to or not because we do not know the person that we trust one day will betray or cheat us. But it is up to us to trust again and be wiser in trusting people. No one is perfect we learnt from our mistake. Same as I do, I have gone through some shit but I take it as life experiences. Get up and marched on and each time I became smarter. Proud of myself, you should feel proud of yourself also.

With this I hope you know who you can trust and who you can’t. But the most important is to be a trustable person. Because you will lead a more fulfilling and respected life.

Some thoughts from Sunshine Kelly on the first day of 2015
Be a Trustable Person 


  1. I agree... don't make use of people and then discard them.. I have my share of untrustworthy friends who ask for help then disappear as it is our fault...

    1. Hi Miera, it happened and we knew their true color. will be more careful when we trust others from now on


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