Life Without Internet

Hey these days I can’t leave without internet. How about you? How long can you go without internet? Even when I am on the road I do need internet. Why??? I am relying on Waze and Google Map to show me the directions to my destinations. When I got stuck in traffic jam I can find alternative roads or check the traffic statues. Not only that I need internet for a lot of things especially for my work, blogging, stay connected with my family and friends, social media and etc. I can’t imagine Life without Internet would be so inconvenient, dull, monotonous and disaster. Yeah tell me about it.  

Recently I am trying out the P1 ToGo internet service, stay connected on-the-go. The MX230 pocket size 4G portable MiFi modem is very slim, light and compact. I can easily carry everywhere I go in my handbag. It became my personal WiFi hotspot and I can share 4G internet with my other devices and also my friends.

Well, I am going to test the P1 internet services at different locations and devices and see how it fare. So stay tune for my full review coming up soon. For more information about about P1 ToGo, please visit here


  1. i couldn't do anything if i don't have internet, sigh~

  2. I've no life without fast internet...


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