Paradise in Malaysia - Little Guilin in Ipoh, Perak

Look! Paradise truly exist in Malaysia. This is my first time knowing that Little Guilin exist in Ipoh, Perak. It’s like almost 2 hour drive from Kuala Lumpur how come all these while I did not know about this place. Have you been there?

OMG! This is such a panoramic view of natural caves, picturesque lake, waterfalls and geothermal hot springs. The 1600 Pandas was at Little Guilin in Ipoh, Perak for a short break to get closer to the nature. The lakes are really serene and when you need some quiet time to decongest your mind or think about your life, this is the place that you can go and it is near.  

I'm glad that such place still well kept in Ipoh. Well, everyone loves paradise but eternity does not exist. Therefore, we have to conserve and preserve the beauty of this paradise for our next generation. Cultivate green living and care for our environment, every little step count. This will also reduce the natural disaster due to global warming or environmental pollution. 


  1. May I know the exact location of Little Guilin Ipoh? thanks

  2. are pandas still there ?

  3. Can I know the exact location of this Little Guilin Ipoh with Panda?


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