Thomas Cup 2014 Final Result

Many Malaysians and people around the world watched Thomas Cup 2014 Final Malaysia vs Japan live telecast from Sri Fort Stadium, New Delhi, India tonight, including myself. It was a mixture of joy and pain for 6 hours watching Thomas Cup Final live and our last hope, our only hope the third singles Liew Daren was defeated by Takuma Ueda. So Japan is the Champion for Thomas Cup 2014.

Thomas Cup 2014 Final Result
Malaysia 2 vs 3 Japan

First Singles
Lee Chong Wei 2 vs 0 Kenichi Tago   
21 – 12, 21 – 16

First Doubles
Tan Boon Heong/Hoon Thien How 1 vs 2 Kenichi Hayakawa/Hiroyuki Endo 
21 – 12, 17 – 21, 19 – 21

Second Singles
Chong Wei Feng 0 vs 2 Kento Momota  
15 – 21, 17 – 21

Second Doubles
Tan Boon Heong/Hoon Thien How 2 vs 1 Keigo Sonoda/Takeshi Kamura      
19 – 21, 21 – 17, 21 – 12 

Third Singles
Liew Daren 1 vs 2 Takuma Ueda
12 – 21, 21 – 18, 17 – 21

Well done to all Malaysia badminton players in Sri Fort Stadium, New Delhi, India you did your best and fight till the end. We hope that one day, one day you will and you can bring Thomas Cup back to Malaysia. Never give up, I know we can. Malaysia Boleh!


  1. A very tough matches. Well done to Malaysian Badminton team. You did well to go all the way to final. Congrats to Japan for going into final for the first time and win the Thomas cup.

    1. yes indeed the Malaysia Badminton Team tried their best and I hope the next Thomas Cup they will perform better


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