Korean Drama Series: The Women’s Room

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The Women’s Room is about the life of Min Kyung Chae (Park Eun Hye), a successor of a five-star hotel changes when she meets Eun Hee Soo (Wang Bit Na) and becomes friends with her. Hee Soo who is jealous of Kyung Chae plots to take away everything that Kyung Chae has. Now, Kyung Chae fights back to regain what she lost – her man, family and property.

This is quite a common type of drama series, jealousy, greed, revenged and family issues. Do you like such drama series? To me is sort of predicted unless they have a twist in the end, something to surprise if not its boring or so called standard Korean or TVB or Taiwanese drama. 

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Kang Kyung Joon in TV shows: Thorn Flower (2013); To the Beautiful You (2012); Father is Sorry (2012); Salaryman Cho Han Ji (2012) cameo; Returned Earthen Bowl (2008); The Great Catsby (2007); My Sister (2006); The Youth in Bare Foot (2005); Single Again (2005); Encounter (2005) & Nonstop 5 (2004)

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