MIKA for Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil in Beauty Wonderland

Follow me… take a moment to allow ourselves to drift into a beauty wonderland that was created by Mika Ninagawa for shu uemura. Let our curiosity turn the key and allow the butterflies lead us to pathways abundant with charmingly sweet candy or darkly seductive forbidden fruit... which butterfly will you follow? which butterfly will I... discover MIKA for Shu Uemura in Beauty Wonderland.

MIKA for Shu Uemura in Beauty Wonderland

For me this Spring & Summer season I feel that I am in shu’s wonderland that filled with nature, flowers, fruits and splashed with vibrant colours. Butterflies are our guide into Mika’s euphoric wonderland, a vivid landscape from blue to red, green and pink that sings with flora and fauna.

To me, make-up is a way to open the door to unknown world, a world filled with excitement. The magic that takes you from your regular life to an unknown new world and the sense of adventure that accompanies this journey are what I wanted to express through this collaboration by Mika Ninagawa. Inspired by the artistry of shu uemura and its iconic eyelashes and lipsticks, Mika Ninagawa creates four exclusive new images and package designs that are covetable treasures.

Choose your color, choose your path, enjoy the thrilling mika for shu in beauty wonderland fairy tale adventure.

Blue - Curiosity: Find yourself lost in an enchanted carnival. Keep your curious eyes wide open, and search for the key to another beauty wonderland.

Red - Forbidden fruits: Evil butterflies are in love with the passion filled garden, ripe with seductive apples and strawberries. 

Green - Singing forest: Even the evil butterflies cannot resist the soothing lullaby of luscious lips that put you into a sweet beauty slumber. Once the fresh ivy and wild mushrooms cross your lips, you will slip into an eternal dreamscape.

Pink - Melting sweet dream: Lucky charm that guides you to angelic butterflies. Enter a dream filled with charming, sweet candies that melt on your mouth.

The latest limited edition Mika for shu uemura Cleansing Oil

Mika for shu uemura Cleansing Oil - ultime8, Anti/Oxi, POREfinist & whitefficient

This is shu uemura’s legendary cleansing oil gently washes away the day, or gets you ready for it. 

sublime beauty cleansing oil, RM360 (450ml)
this is my favourite among the four and also my colours. Red is sexy. shu uemura’s most advanced, and luxurious formula. Infused with 8 exquisite oils of botanical origin, a cashmere-like cocooning oil that combats all skin concerns for supreme skin quality. 

shu uemura ultime8 Cleansing Oil quick review: I am a cleansing oil user, after using this ultime8 cleansing oil for almost a month plus I think I m going to get another or a few bottles before its out of stock. The texture is very fluid and light, it's gentle and even suitable for sensitive skin users. This ultime8 has the anti aging and skin nourish properties, its suitable for those skin like me who need a booster of moisture and youthfulness. 

Avery evening, I just need like 2 pumps on my dry palm and apply on my whole face and neck (dry). Then add some water on the face and neck start to massage gently to allow the cleansing oil to emulsifies and then rinsed off. Now all the makeup traces and impurities totally cleansed. It can also cleanse away the water proof makeup and mascara. Skin feels soft, smooth and moist.

skin refining anti-dullness cleansing oil, RM290 (450ml)
Formulated with breakthrough Moringa Extract to ward off pollutants that cause skin to age prematurely. Wash away dullness for glowing clarity and refined smoothness. Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

anti-shine fresh cleansing oil, RM270 (450ml)
A water-like fresh cleansing oil to clear away blackheads, with newly formulated Cinnamon Bark Extract. Target overproduction of sebum for pore-less, shine-less and smooth skin.

clear brightening gentle cleansing oil, RM290 (450ml)
Empowered with Mito-White Complex, Vitamin C derivative, and Fruit Acid Mix. After cleansing, the oil effectively removes dead cells containing melanin  and heavy make-up. Skin looks clarified and toned. For brightening effect.

Mika Ninagawa is a photographer and  film director, her photography is revered by her peers and public alike. She has won prestigious photography prizes such as Japan’s “Kimura Ihei Photography Award”, while her solo exhibition ‘Mika Ninagawa: Earthly Flowers, Heavenly Colors’ was the most visited photography exhibition in Japanese history. Her world extends beyond photography to include fashion collaboration projects with Celine and mastermind JAPAN amongst others. 

In 2007, she launched her film career with her directorial debut “SAKURAN”. ‘MIKA NINAGAWA’, her first photography book published outside of Japan, was released in 2010 by the renowned Rizzoli N.Y. Her second film “Helter Skelter” was a smash hit with over 2.2 billion yen in ticket sales in 2012, with appeal extending to fans at the London Film Festival where tickets immediately sold out. As a fine artist Mika Ninagawa is represented by Tokyo’s Tomio Koyama Gallery.

You can also head over to shu uemura's boutique or counter to try out the new range. There are more limited edition makeup products in MIKA for shu collection such as UV under base mousse, false eyelashes, dual fit pressed powder compact, eye shadow spiral duo, tint in gelato and nail stickers. I will share about each of these products details in my upcoming blog post so stay connected. 

For more information about MIKA for Shu Uemura in Beauty Wonderland, please visit http://www.shuuemuramy.com or https://www.facebook.com/MyShuUemura


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