TitanWALL by Kaspersky Lab & Tech Titan

The last you want to happen is that your company system or information got hacked and all the data wiped out. This is a real disaster, so prevention is better than cure. Of course we are looking for an anti virus software TitanWALL by TECH TITAN is an appliance-based firewall safeguarding against malware and threats. It combines network security, Anti-Virus and firewall within one appliance that comes with dual Anti-Virus signature databases and dual Anti-Virus engines powered by Kaspersky Lab and TECH TITAN.

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Based on information from Kaspersky Lab, the risk from malware is increasing as the company is detecting 315,000 new malicious files every day, versus 200,000 the year before.  An average of 4.6 million attacks on users were repelled every day whenever users were online. 

Statistics gathered from Kaspersky shows that in 2013, the security powerhouse neutralized close to 5.2 billion cyber-attacks on users’ devices. TitanWALL offers ultra-high performance, deep packet inspection and can block the latest attack variances that include viruses, worms, spyware and many other malware types effectively. TitanWALL Key Features Ideal for Enterprises Businesses of all sizes.

TitanWALL by Kaspersky Lab Tech Titan, TitanWALL, Kaspersky Lab, Tech Titan, anti virus software, network security, Anti Virus, firewall

1. Hybrid Protection

TitanWALL is featured with ‘hybrid’ protection that combines traditional anti-malware tools with technologies from Kaspersky Lab. These protection technologies are based on data gathered within the framework of the Kaspersky & TECH TITAN with over 100 million database signatures. Dual Anti-Virus engine hybrid provides protection against the very latest threats.

2. Stream-based Algorithms for better performance

TitanWALL employs packet based scanning (Stream-Based) which provides virus scanning on data buffers without waiting for entire file to be received by the appliance, whereas the file-based scanning done by full antivirus can only start virus scanning when entire file is received. This actually provides the fastest speed for virus scanning process. Thus it would not affect on your business network traffic. This would result to a more stable, effective and secure user’s environment.

3. VPN High Availability

TitanWALL supports all common forms of site-to-site VPN via IPSec. TitanWALL supports both VPN fail over and fall back mechanisms.

• VPN fail over is the capability to automatically switch to the backup VPN tunnel after the primary VPN tunnel goes down.
• VPN fall back is the capability to renegotiate the primary VPN tunnel even when the backup VPN tunnel is still active.

4. Administration Management Console

(i) Comprehensive report and monitoring
TitanWALL offers a comprehensive set of real-time and historical reports including firewall attacks, bandwidth usage, VPN site-to-site usage, user activity and more, allowing organizations to respond to suspicious activities and to ensure employee productivity.
(ii) Easy to use predefined dashboard

The intuitive user interface saves administration and installation time, while predefined dashboard and real-time log analysis offer administrators a quick view of network health and log analysis of important event.  ­

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