Diptyque Eau Rose

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Diptyque Eau Rose

So, did you receive any rose on Valentine's Day? Err... as a matter of fact I did not, no rose for me this year. But I am not sad because I got something better and last forever than rose. If you do not receive any rose its alright that is not the end of the world, perhaps the Eau Rose collection will heal your heart. I am curiously about the rose essence, it differs very little from the scent you breathe in the garden. To find its natural expression, it needs help from infusion. Infusion is a time-honoured method, which consists by immersing the petals in a long bath – usually for over six months – in an alcoholic solution. The sensory aspects of both roses conjure up the unique, incomparable sensation expressed by the flower. Two years ago, Diptyque Eau Rose launched the floral opus of Les Eaux with its sober, majestic scent, enlivened by bergamot and blackcurrant, and warmed by musk, cedar and honey, expressing its full sensory range.

This year, Eau Rose is divulging its scent via two new products. Voile lacté (Body lotion) envelops the body with a breath of fresh air, moisturising and softening the skin, thanks to the olive oil derivative squalane, and musk rose oil. Émulsion pour les mains (Hand lotion), meanwhile, has a light, generous and enveloping texture, enriched with macadamia oil and aloe vera.

For the graphic design of this floral collection, a black ink drawing is added to the black and white oval, with a touch of lively pink. The different design for each product highlights the majesty of the flower. Whether in full bloom or as a rosebud, its features evoke the style of an ancient kimono, symbolising by itself all the roses of the earth, a universal rose. 

Placed on a trellis, as a cut flower with a drop of dew caressing its petals, or as a wild frieze, always accompanied by a ladybird, the friend of roses, it seems to be saying, like the poet Pierre de Ronsard: “Come, pluck now – today – life’s so quickly-fading rose.”

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