Product Review: Shiseido Majolica Majorca Blood On


Wootz!!! Its time to try new make-up product again…

Let’s start with Majolica Majorca Spring/ Summer 2012 Limited Edition Blood On. This is a lips and cheek color… 2 in 1. Best because I don’t have to carry so many stuff in my cosmetic pouch.

When I first read the product name “BLOOD ON” and then I opened the cap looked at the color it is Bloody Red, I became errr… is it too red for me? Will I look like vampire when I apply Blood On? Lets try and discover Blood ON

Reviews: I dipped my index finger on the Blood On jelly, glided few times then glided on my lips follow by my cheek. It is so smooth like jelly, easy to glide and simple application. Blood On is non sticky and not greasy, makes me feel comfortable. I apply more on my lips and a thinner layer on my cheek. The color turned out to be aha! natural red.

On my lips it looks as though my naturally red lips color and now my cheek blushing with healthy glow like I have good blood circulation. Besides, it helps to moisturize my lips and suitable for my sensitive skin too. It is long lasting. The formula of this product makes it a perfect base for other cheek and lip colors. When layered under powder blush, lipstick or gloss, the color is even more enhanced. Perfect for everyday use.

Texture: Jelly-like

Scent: No scent

Origin: Japan

Content: 5g

Price: RM 39.90

Availability: February 2012 onwards

My simple and natural make-up of the day :-)
Using Majolica Majorca Blood On on my lips and cheek, 
loose powder, dark brown eyebrow pencil and black eye liner pencil.

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