Keratinology by Sunsilk: Prolonging the Beauty of Salon Treated Hair

Every time when I stepped out from salon, my hair look perfectly gorgeous (ahemm) but after a while hmm… it became something else. I have to keep going back to the salon to treat and style so that the curls look luscious and bouncy. I wonder how to maintain this myself at home…

With new Keratinology by Sunsilk, the advanced premium hair care range that enables women to conquer the challenge to prolonging salon beauty through effective home care.   
Deborah Henry, MC of the Launch

Keratinology by Sunsilk was finally launched on 10th Jan 2012 at Bridge Bar, Level 28, G Tower KL. The tussle with maintaining great hair is now over. A leading global team of experts and scientists have joined to create the advanced premium hair care brand Keratinology by Sunsilk that works in harmony with salon treatments.

Hair models at the launch 

The revolutionary formula ensures no hair is left untouched, catering to all hair types whether it has been coloured, permed, professionally straightened and even on hair which has naturally become damaged over time. Keratinology by Sunsilk keeps hair’s cycle of beauty alive by reinforcing its natural strength and shine.  

Hugo Verkuil, Marketing Director, Malaysia and Singapore, Unilever

“With a deep scientific and professional understanding of how hair behaves, Unilever recognises the need for a solution to help women win their battle in maintaining the effects of their salon treated hair and express their personal style.  Keratinology by Sunsilk is designed to take women from the salon chair and maintain their hair in its most beautiful and lustrous state. The range complements the anatomical changes within the hair structure especially after salon treatments,” said Hugo Verkuil, Marketing Director, Malaysia and Singapore, Unilever (Malaysia) Holdings Sdn Bhd.

  Ashlee Ng, Marketing Manager for Hair, Malaysia & Singapore, Unilever and 
Hugo Verkuil, Marketing Director, Malaysia and Singapore, Unilever 
officiated the launch of Keratinology by Sunsilk Range

  Ashlee Ng and Hugo Verkuil showcasing the products with models 

Keratinology by Sunsilk consist of 3 Variants 

This premium hair care range consists of three variants – Advanced Reconstruction, Korean Bounce Therapy and Sun Kissed Colour Therapy ranges.  

Advanced Reconstruction

The Advanced Reconstruction effects total hair metamorphosis by recovering up to one year of accumulated damage and transforming hair into its healthy and lustrous state in 5 days. Recovers up to 1 year of accumulated damage in 5 days.

Korean Bounce Therapy

Luscious, healthy and soft curls that add bounce to hair can be retained with the new Korean Bounce Therapy. It is designed to nourish every inch of hair, 
right down to the fragile perm tips of hair.

Sun Kissed Colour Therapy 

The Sun Kissed Colour Therapy gives intense long-lasting vibrancy and shine to women with the latest colour treatments, including 3D of high and low lights. 

 Celebrities and artistes at the launch: Izara Aishah; Qalisha; Marsha; Ashlee Ng, Marketing Manager for Hair, Malaysia & Singapore, Unilever (M) Holdings Sdn Bhd; Hugo Verkuil, Marketing Director, Malaysia and Singapore, Unilever (M) Holdings Sdn Bhd, Jane Tan, Fouziah Gous, Liyana Jasmay, Tracy Cheong and Chermaine Poo

The secret to maintaining a gorgeous mane lies in protection and nourishment. The Advanced Reconstruction Program has been created using revolutionary Pico Technology™ infusing pico-nutrients that are 1,000 times smaller than nano and keratin complex to penetrate deep within the hair cortex, to nourish and reconstruct hair. 

Ashlee Ng Presentation 

Lustrous hair may be rendered from chemical treatments, but it also weakens hair while making it more prone to damage between salon visits. Over time, hair health deteriorates causing the fading of salon beauty. 

This is known as ‘The Infinite Cycle of Beauty

Week 1 and 2
What’s happening to your hair?
As you leave the salon, hair looks and feels great but it is vulnerable to damage as hair has just went through anatomical alteration.

What treatment is best?
Breathe new life to your hair by shampoo and conditioning it daily. Start using the Advanced Reconstruction Overnight Treatment every other night to nourish your hair

Week 3 and 4
What’s happening to your hair?
Although hair is seemingly beautiful and lustrous, hair starts to lose protein leaving it feeling rough, dry and frizzy, particularly at the ends

What treatment is best?
Twice a week, start nourishing hair with the Spa Mask which absorbs as deep as three layers, helping reconstruct and seal hair cuticles for stunning salon-like smoothness and shine.

Week 5 and 6
What’s happening to your hair?
Hair is becoming is more difficult to style and becoming unmanageable. And constant blow-drying or heat styling leads to cracks in hair’s cuticles and withdraws moisture.

What treatment is best?
Beat unmanageable hair by using the Heat Protection Spray when styling to lock in pico-nutrients and prevent against breakage and frizz.

Week 7 and 8
What’s happening to your hair?
Hairstyle begins to lose its full beauty and shape. While sleeping, hair continues to lose its full body and strength due to constant friction.

What treatment is best?
Commence using the Overnight Treatment 4 times a week, building up to daily to fill in cracks in the hair strands from damage for salon-like results. These nightly treatments will repair your hair during sleep. Awaken to stunningly restored hair. 

Post week 8
What’s happening to your hair?
Hair is losing proteins from everyday exposure to the environment. It is in desperate need of nourishment and is ready for the next salon visit!

What treatment is best?
Give hair a boost to regenerate with the powerful Dual Treatment Shots every three days to restore beauty and help prepare your hair in the run up to your next salon visit.

Question and Answer Session with Media 

Salon perfect hair is now within grasp by Keratinology by Sunsilk. Products within each variant are created to nourish hair at different stages of the cycle of beauty to enhance the effects of professional treatment. Women can easily maintain gorgeous looking hair from the minute they step out of the salon doors. 

Keratinology by Sunsilk range is available at leading retail pharmacies and is priced from RM17.50 to RM32.90. Each shampoo, conditioner, mask and overnight treatment with a first of its kind Heat Protector Spray Anti Frizz with UV Filter and Dual Treatment Shots is combined to lock your style and bring life to your hair for a salon-like finish every day.  

Miss Sunshine

At 28th floor G Tower KL enjoying the view 

Testing my camera on Dramatic Mode
Actually the sky that day was clear and blue but when switch to Dramatic Mode it looks like this

Check out the after office hour traffic at Ampang Junction... jamm 

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