YES: Penang Food Hunt

Amazing things happen when you say YES

Food, Friends, Fun plus Speed Test

On this Food Hunt trip, we got to try out the fastest YES 4G mobile internet. Experience the broadband mobile coverage and uninterrupted high speed of Yes 4G all along the North South Highway even the mpv is moving at above 120km/h…

The journey start on 12th Mac (Sat) at The Ritz Carlton at 8.00am. Light breakfast were served before the presentation start.

Presentation by Tan Sri Francis Yeoh, Director of YTL

FaceTime represents mobile video conferencing. Yes 4G mobile internet will give FaceTime speed, clarity and mobility.

YTL Communications Overview

Presentation by Wing Lee, CEO of YTL Communications

Portfolio of Yes 4G Devices

After the presentation, we are set to go. Penang here we come… There are 4 Toyota Alphard and1 YES Sprinter that will be taking us to Penang. We are all given a YES Huddle, 2 apples and 1 bottle of water before we start our journey. So nice, everything was well prepared.

We are split into 4 person in a team and each team in an mpv. I am in the same team as James (Yes4G), Mei and Arystle.

Along the way to Penang, we got to test out the YES 4G coverage. We start to tweet about the road trip add #YesPenang.

We also run Speed Test ( at different area/spots. Most of the areas we passed have YES coverage except the certain hilly area when we approach Ipoh. Other than that the internet speed is good. Even at some places there we no handphone signal and we could tweet using Yes

Our 1st stop was Bidor Curry House.

Its makan time :)

We had banana leaf rice with chicken, mutton, fish, vegetables and many side dishes including papadam… yummy my favourite...

James and few guys went over to Bidor Pun Chun ‘tapau’ Herbal Duck Noodles and biscuits. This was how I ate my herbal duck noodles on banana leaf…

Next stop was at Aun Kheng Lim Salted Chicken in Ipoh.

Group photos

After that we, walked across the street to Funny Mountain traditional tau fu fah and soya drink.

I took this picture while I am queuing for my drinks.

My team except James switched from mpv to Yes Sprinter so that we could charged our laptops, huddle, mobile and make phone calls via Yes 4G.

Everyone say cheese...

Running speedtest inside YES Sprinter from Ipoh to Penang

Finally we arrived Penang Island. We stopped over at Yes, Queensbay Mall

Checked in Vistana Hotel Penang. My apartment mate, Ee Ping.

Freshen up and get ready for chinese course dinner at the hotel banquet room.

Here is the menu... lots of food

Morning breakfast at New Cathay coffee shop. We had char koay teow, wan tan mee, noodle soup and etc…

Waiting for our flight back to kl at Penang International Airport

We ate, laughed, had fun along the trip and also online most of the time using Yes Huddle.

Yes 4G network is 3 to 5 times faster than 3G simply because it was designed for the Internet of today, while 3G was built primarily for voice. When 3G networks try to move data, it easily gets congested and slows down.

Yes Plan

At Yes, you only pay for what you use. The lowest entry paln for mobile internet with voice. On top of charging the lowest rates, Yes also charge you only for what you use. It doesn't matter whether you call another network more, sms only on weekends or upload 50 photos every day. It will only cost you 9 sen for 1-minute call, 1 sms o3 3 MB of data.

Yes Valuepacks

The fastest 4G mobile internet with voice has become more affordable with Yes valuepacks. Save money while you surf, call and sms with Valuepack 68 and Valuepack 150.

Valuepacks RM68 & RM150

Save up to 37% on your bills when you choose valuepack 68. And 41% saving when you say Yes to valuepack 150

For more information visit Yes Website

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Amazing things happen when you say YES!


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  2. hi devi, yes. i saw yr blog post abt party like a G6 at s'pore so happening ;)


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