Starbucks: EARTH HOUR

26th Mac (Sat) 8.30 - 9.30pm EARTH HOUR
where will you be and what are you gonna do to that time...

Just turn of the lights? or... Well, well, how about try sitting in the dark with friends, family or love ones and enjoy your sipping Frappucino ~ blissfull.

In support of the Earth Hour campaign, Starbucks will turn off a portion of the lights in their stores for one whole hour... so romantic with coffee aroma... mmm... During Earth Hour tomorrow from 8.30pm - 9.30pm, bring your Starbucks tumbler to any of their stores in Malaysia and receive a compimentary Frappuccino blended cream of your choice. Price of the Starbucks Tumbler start from RM38 and above.

I am a coffee lover but I can't drink any coffee or tea after 5pm if not I can't sleep. Tomorrow night, I'll will be hanging out with friends at cafes. Hope you all have a nice and fun weekend.

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