MAC Wonder Women Collection Spring 2011... BANG!

MAC Wonder Women Collection

Here comes all the heroines to MAC Wonder Women in Centre Court Midvalley , KL.

Still remember my previous post about the Acca Kappa & Mac Make Up Party.
Yup! I did attend the MAC Wonder Women Collection Spring 2011 on 3rd March, 2011 even though I am rushing to and from the party. All for the love of MAC cosmetics...

MAC Wonder Women center stage at Centre Court Midvalley

I like the stage setup. The Wonder Women comics reminds me of my childhood time. I love comics, now also i do. The whole stage and promotion areas are very eye catching and colorful with different entrance makes the crowd curious and walk in to check out what is going on. I could see children were attracted too. They drag their parents into the promotions area to check out the comics and take photos, at the same time the mummy will check out the products.

MAC makeup artist gonna start doing Makeup Demo for one of the Wonder Women

Tada! Finally we get to see and take photos with all the three MAC Wonder Women after make-up demo

Beautiful! Not only I admire the Wonder Women model looks, makeup, I also love their red boots. Aww!

MAC Wonder Women Collection, Spring 2011

All full of colors. Even the packaging are so colorful and playful.

This two products caught my attention immediately
MAC Wonder Women Mineralize SkinFinish and Penultimate Eyeliner

MAC Wonder Women Mineralize SkinFinish - Pink Power

Can't resist this... Only for Wonder Woman! This jumbo-sized limited-edition Mineralize Skinfinish features two shimmer shades and one natural matte shade. Brings heroic dash and larger-than-life dimension to the skin! Its overall impact complemented by its glossy red/blue/yellow compact and comic book-style outer carton.
Available Color: Pink Power & Golden Lariat
Price: RM145.00

MAC Wonder Women Penultimate Eyeliner

If you know me, you will noticed I love to apply black eyeliner. Eyeliner is a must for me because it awake my small sleepy eyes. At one glance, it looks like marker pen. Not its Eyeliner. MAC Wonder Women Penultimate Eye Liner goes jumb0. Its ceates a fastidiously smooth and precisely deep, dark carbon black liquid line in jet-fast speed. Versatile in its moves: Fashions any kind of line - bold to superfine. Comic book-style carton makes this a must-have limited edition.
Available Color: Black
Price: RM88.00

Me and the Wonder Women

The Make Over Counter

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