8 Ottoman Colors That Complement a Black Couch

Black couches are some of the most frequently seen in homes because of their ability to make the colors around them stand out. Black can turn your room elegant just as easily as it can create a cozy look, but it all depends on the colors that you surround the couch with. 

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From your end tables and TV stands to the recliners and ottomans accessorizing your room, it’s important to use colors that complement the black couch. In fact, ottomans are skyrocketing in popularity as one of the favorite must-have pieces of furniture in a living room. When you find a good quality large ottoman sale, it’s almost like you’ve hit the jackpot! 

But before you go wild shopping, check out these interior design suggestions for the top 8 colors to use when you search for an ottoman to pair with your black couch.

1. Black

Let’s start with the basic match, black. Black ottomans paired with the same color couch give a room a sleek, masculine effect. If you’re looking for minimalistic aesthetics, black with silver accents works well. For a powerful impact, keep the furniture black and add rich wood elements to your floors and tables.

2. White

Done correctly, white paired with black does not give you the mythical zebra or panda look. In fact, it’s quite classy! Grab a white ottoman (scotch guarded or treated with something similar for stain resistance if you have pets or kids) and pepper in some white pillows, a matching wool area rug, and a few other sprinkles of white to accessorize the room.

3. Deep or Light Purple

Looking for a royal finish? Pair your black couch with a rich purple ottoman and similar accessories. The finished result should be similar to the color of a sky before a storm — moody, yet powerful and breathtaking. But if your goal is something happier and more carefree, swap the deep purple for more of a lilac or lavender hue. You still get an impactful result, but it’s not quite as luxurious.

4. Burnt Sienna Orange

Also known as red earth, red ochre, or terra rossa, burnt sienna is a rich orange-red with a warm, earthy hue. When you mix a little more orange into the spectrum, you get the ideal ottoman shade to pair with your black couch. These are often seen with gold legs and tufts because the two colors complement each other perfectly.

5. Buttercup Yellow

Black and yellow work well in nature, but when it comes to your living room, you’ll want to be a little more choosy unless you’re okay with the bumblebee look. However, if you’d rather have something a little more subdued but still refreshing, go with a buttercup yellow for your ottoman and accessories.

6. Red

Often referred to as the power combo, red and black make a bold statement. It’s easy to go overboard with red, but balancing your two passionate colors can turn your room into an energizing space. Soften the look with white or blue accents.

7. Peach

Trends aren’t always the way to go when you’re decorating a room that you want to keep the same for a while, but going for the latest shades of peach is still a safe bet. The combination of black and peace creates a soft but strong finished effect that combines masculinity and femininity perfectly.

8. Pink

Similar to peach, pink adds feminine touches to any space. However, unlike its more orange-hued counterpart, you can play around with pink and choose various shades to make the effect you prefer. For instance, hot pink brings a fun and flirty touch to the room, while pastel pinks ensure elegance and class. 

Whichever ottoman color combo you choose to pair with your new black couch, you’ll love the finished results you get!

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