3 Ways Supplements Can Help With Underactive Thyroid

Millions of people around the world suffer from thyroid problems, and millions more have not been diagnosed. The presence of the thyroid is important as it is the one that produces the hormone that affects every cell in the human body. Its functions affect the body temperature and heart rate of individuals.

3 Ways That Supplements Can Help With An Underactive Thyroid
3 Ways That Supplements Can Help With An Underactive Thyroid
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There are many reasons why people suffer from thyroid problems, such as genetics, nutrient deficiency or hormone imbalance. One of those problems is having an underactive thyroid or what is commonly called hypothyroidism. Hypothyroidism happens when there is not enough hormone produced. People who suffer from it complain of symptoms such as weight gain, depression, and extreme fatigue.

While a proper diet can help with an underactive thyroid, taking supplements can also help. Here are the ways that they can help with treating hypothyroidism.

1. Taking certain Natural Thyroid Supplements may help produce more thyroid hormone like any the organ in the body, the thyroid gland needs nutrients in order to work properly. For people who suffer from an underactive thyroid, some of the nutrients that may be lacking in their bodies could be zinc, which is needed to produce T4 and converting it to the active form T3. Being deficient in B-vitamins can also cause an underactive thyroid. 

Although not common in developed countries, deficiency in iodine can also cause problems. While there are foods that can provide these nutrients, supplements have already made it easier by combining them. Take note though, that each individual may have different needs and dosages so it is best to get tested and ask plenty of questions when purchasing.

2. They can help with losing weight – one of the effects of hypothyroidism is weight gain. This is because they thyroid is responsible for regulating the metabolism of the body. That is why for some, even if they exercise regularly and do not eat much, they still gain weight. 

By taking supplements, you are ensured that your thyroid may begin working properly and thereafter, your metabolism will begin to normalize. Although there are synthetic thyroid hormones, it should not be taken just for the goal of losing weight as taking them in large doses may cause more damage such as muscle and bone weakness.

3. Supplements will ensure that you get the proper nutrients without spending too much  money – while it is true that most vitamins and nutrients can be found in the food that people eat every day, for people who suffer from an underactive thyroid, they may have to spend hundreds of dollars on a regular basis just to make sure that they have taken the suggested daily dosage. With supplements, since the nutrients have been combined, the patient no longer has to spend too much money for their diet.

Like with anything that you will ingest, it is still best to consult a doctor first after you have been diagnosed with an underactive thyroid. If you are decided on going the natural way to treat your hypothyroidism, check out this list of popular supplements for a healthy thyroid. The nutrient packed in each bottle has already been listed down to make it easier for consumers to make a choice. 

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