Shopping: Madeira Popular Shops and Outlets

Shopping in Madeira together with excellent beaches, admiring nature, different historical monuments and gastronomy delights plus the better parts of tourists go to Portuguese for shopping to renew their wardrobe. Shopping lovers visit Madeira to buy good clothes and shoes, ceramics and jewelry. While women do their shopping raid, their companions, as usual taste the Portuguese port wine. 

Shopping Story of Madeira: Popular Shops and Outlets
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You can buy original red or white port wine for 3 to 6EUR. Together with port wine, you can buy Madeira wine for 20EUR and more. The Madeira Island is unable to resist the world fashion tendency: the big amount of new shops and outlets are rising offering the goods of world-famous brands.

What to Buy on Madeira?

Goffering - the local points delight you with their beauty. Factory shops offer the best prices that you can meet in Funchal - the capital of Madeira.

Wine - the local wine is famous well out of Madeira. You can buy specially-packed bottles of wine in the local degustation centers. They are the most suitable for long travelling.

Flowers - Madeira is a flower paradise. Tourists come home with the bright flowers, taken from the island. Buying flowers in the market or specialized shop, ask to pack them in the travelling box.

Madeira is a flower paradise
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Shops Working Hours

Like the rest of other shops in Portuguese, Madeira shops start working at 9-10 a.m. till 7 p.m. from Monday till Friday. There are also many shops, working on Saturdays till the noon. The outlets and big shopping centers work from 11 a.m. till 11 p.m. seven days a week.

Madeira Sales

Like in Europe, there are winter and summer sales on Madeira. Winter sales start before Christmas. You can meet big sales in the beginning of February. Summer sales start in the middle of July till the end of August. Never miss the word Saldos in the window shop.

Madeira Popular Shops

For example, there are three big outlets in Funchal, where you can buy shoes, clothes and accessories, perfumery and souvenirs. All these shops offer goods of all popular European brands and Portuguese designers. What is more, all shops offers to register Tax Free. Among other issues, Madeira is a place of nice needlecrafts. These hand-made works cost much. Nevertheless, you can effort to buy at least napkin or needle case. You cannot leave Madeira without famous wine. Funchal is a city of good wine and fresh fruits.


Dolce Vita in Funchal is the newest outlet in the city. It is situated in the very center of the city. The shops offer the newest popular brands. A nice hotel and restaurant are situated on the top floor, opening a beautiful nature view.

Forum Madeira in Funchal is the next important outlet, comfortably situated in the touristic zone of the city, in suburbs. There are many different shops here. The top floor attracts you with the beautiful garden, offering the land view. By the way, you can also visit CR7 - one more fashion shop. The owner of this shop is Christiane Ronaldo’s sister. So, the interior is decorated with pictures of the famous footballer.

Madeira Shopping - the big shopping center offers the standard set of international brands, different cafes and entertainments. It also attracts people with its architecture and decoration, typical for Madeira.

Madeira Shopping Streets
It is very useful to walk down the Funchal streets as far as the most interesting shops and trade centers are situated on every corner. Rua do Sabao attracts your special attention with the big amount of shoe wear shops all together.

To feel the island spirit to the full it is needful to go to the market. You can buy vegetables, fruits, local delicacies and flowers. As a rule, city markets work on weekends. The most interesting of them are placed in Ponta Delgada and Santo da Serra. The most popular market in the old city is Mercado dos Lavradores.

Spices & Herbs At Mercado dos Lavradores, Funchal
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Souvenirs from Madeira

Price: green wine from 1,5EUR, port wine - 5EUR and more.
Portuguese is a motherland of Port wine, Madeira and Green wine. The wine here is much cheaper than anywhere else. The Green wine, like Casal Garcia, Quinta da Aveleda, is usually drunk chilled. The best-selling brands are Alentejo (red), Mateus (pink), Moscatel (white), and cherry liquor Ginja.

Portuguese Wine
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Cork Works
Price: table-mat is 5EUR, bag is 30-50EUR.
Cork in Portuguese is not only bottle elements, but materials for umbrellas, bags, accessories and post cards.

Price: 10EUR for 200 grams.
Portuguese is a country of aromatic coffee. The best coffee mark is Delta, Nicola and Sigal.

Barcelos Cock
Price: 2EUR and more.
The traditional Portuguese souvenir is cock. This specially decorated souvenir is offered to buy everywhere in a form of magnets, mugs, ceramics.

Leather ware and shoes
Price: 30EUR and more.
Portuguese bags, wallets and shoes are worth your special attention. Frankly speaking, leather ware is high quality in Madeira. The pair of shoes for your husband costs about 300EUR.

Olive Oil
Price: 3EUR per bottle.
This popular product is as good as in Spain or France, but much cheaper. If the oil is good, you should find the sign Azeite Virgem extra on it. You can buy oil in metal can to transport it with comfort.

Price: 5-25EUR for one piece.
Madeira is famous of its ceramics: cups, teapots, plates, saucers. All of them are different in their colors, forms, shadows and traditional design.

Price: 5EUR for 1 kilogram.
Portuguese cheese is a big tasty topic. They are made of cow or sheep milk, sweet or salty, soft or hard pressed, fresh or old – every Portuguese region has its own cheese. The most popular of them are Queijo Serra da Estrela - liquid cheese, Queijo Fresco - dessert cheese, and Queijode Sao Jorge - cheese of the Azores.

Madeira Shopping, Popular Shops and Outlets
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Madeira shopping should not be limited by Funchal only. Think about the idea to hire a car in Funchal for the purpose of move on. This is the beginning of your shopping story. The next point is Lisbon - city of boutiques, trade centers and little shops. You can buy here cosmetics, perfumery, and more souvenirs. Anyway, the sales season in the best time for shopping on Madeira.


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