Hydra-R Intensive Booster Treatment

Due to the hot weather my skin is becoming dry and dull than usual. Do you face the same skin concerns as me as well? Hmmm… I need some hydration booster besides the regular skincare that I am using currently. Recently I tried something new and it is not any ordinary facial treatment.

Hydra-R Intensive Booster Treatment

Alright! I tried Hydra-R Intensive Booster Treatment at Clinic Tropicana. This is my first time trying such treatment. I met Dr Adam Tan an experience doctor in and have more than 10 years experiences in this field. This treatment not only hydrates the treated area but also helps to improve skin firmness, elasticity and smoothness.

Picture taken before the treatment

After the consultation, the nurse guided me to the next room and start prepping my skin for the treatment. First, removed makeup and then took before treatment photos. Followed by applying numb cream all over my face and waited for about 20 minutes for my face to numb. Then the nurse wiped away the access numb cream off my face.

During treatment

So here’s the treatment, Dr Adam using a gun with superficial subcutaneous micro injection technique with the latest Korean made injection device to inject the hyaluronic acid on my skin. The needles are very fine and short. During the process he kept checking with me is the pressure ok and can I tolerate. The depth of injection, amount and relapse time can be adjusted to our tolerance level. For me who is afraid of pain I go for the moderate to low level.

Actually during the treatment my skin was numbed so I don’t really feel so much, except on certain areas which are more sensitive like side of the lips, laugh lines and on the cheeks. If you can’t tolerate the pain you can request the doctor to adjust level.

Mask & Soothing after treatment

Immediately after the treatment when I look at my face on the mirror I got a shocked. Yes my face looked like bitten by thousands of ants. It looks red, swollen and small blisters all over. Then nurse apply a soothing and cooling mask for me to subside the redness and swelling.

Immediately after the treatment

Here is how I looked after the whole treatment was completed. I rested at the clinic for a while before heading off. The swelling subside quite fast when I reached home the redness and small blisters were no more. But the tiny red dots due to injections were still there. According to Dr Adam Tan some might encounter bruises the next day but lucky I don’t. Dr Adam gave me some face cream to apply at home and for the first few days I only apply that cream for faster recovery.

If you are going for this treatment I would suggest you stay at home for at least a day after the treatment. Because our skin need time to heal and we only apply the cream that the doctor prescribed.

 1 Week after the treatment without makeup

Here is how I looked without makeup, 1 week after the treatment. I began to feel that my skin is becoming more hydrated and glowing.

 2 weeks after the treatment with makeup

Here is how I looked with minimum makeup 2 weeks after the treatment. My skin is now more hydrated and makeup looks more natural.

Overall, the Hydra-R Intensive Booster Treatment helps to boost and improve my skin hydration. The clinic recommended us to go for 3 consecutive treatments 3 to 4 weeks apart, with subsequent maintenance treatment once every 6 months. This will help our skin to maintain its hydration and skin elasticity.

If you are interested to try this treatment just mention “Sunshine Kelly” you will get 10% discount on the spot.

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  2. You are so pretty!!! with or without makeup! hehehhe omg..even I was shock at the picture right after the treatment..

  3. Flawless. But worth all the pain

  4. Looks like some interesting treatment I have to check out... I am getting old... hahaha need more intensive care... btw, you are so gorgeous.. with or without makeup....

  5. Great treatment.. I think I wan something like that too!~

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