World's First Diamond Baby Bump Art in KL

Well this was a kind of unique private event to witness Annie Newman the Beckham’s & Datuk Jimmy Choo’s mural artist paints world's first Angel Diamond & Gold Leaf Baby Bump Art in Kuala Lumpur. As you know there are only 2 things that sparkle in a woman's eyes - diamonds and her child. What better way to celebrate these two but to artwork the miracle of a growing baby bump.

World's First Diamond Baby Bump Art in Kuala Lumpur

It’s inspiring beauty through the miracle of birth. Perhaps this might be a new trend that people will start to paint and decorate their baby bumb with diamonds and gold for photo-shoot as a remembrance. The Malaysian-born UK based mural artist to the stars, Annie Newman, was in Kuala Lumpur to create magic on expectant mum to be, Estee Leong.

Annie Newman painting on Estee Leong's baby bump

Annie Newman was in town for the baby bump painting invited by LiFE Ribbon Community - a gathering of like-minded women founded by Estee Leong, to share knowledge, support each other by creating a positive environment for other women through the "double H" focus - Health & Happiness both physically and mentally.

With Estee Leong, the founder of Life Ribbon Community

Well, I knew Estee for a few years and she is always jovial and friendly with her warm smiles. Annie Newman is no stranger to making the ordinary look extraordinary, which is evident in her mural paintings at David & Victoria Beckham’s home and Datuk Jimmy Choo’s couture boutique in London. 

Annie Newman hope to inspire and create positive messages to women through their first stages of motherhood. Well, this could be by far the most expensive artwork she has created to date. It was an impressive art canvas of orchids that symbolize fertility & purity on Estee Leong’s very pregnant stomach, due in about two weeks. Estee braved her nerves for a greater cause to inspire women through art in collaboration with Annie Newman. 

Most expensive artwork painted by Annie Newman with 
5.43 carats of Angel Diamonds on it

During the private event at Estee’s residence, Annie painted a range of beautiful orchids on Estee’s stomach which she symbolizes purity and fertility. Once the artwork was completed using non-toxic paint, she added eight perfectly proportioned square Angel Diamonds and the 22K gold leaves to complete the spectacular artwork, first of its kind in the country.

Also present at the event were Datuk Professor Jimmy Choo, Datin Winnie Loo, Dato’ Michael Tio, Datuk Calvin Khiu and Mr Jeff Kong, LiFE Ribbon Community’s Co-Founder. 

Estee Leong, the founder of Life Ribbon Community
At the final reveal of the artwork, Estee Leong quoted, “I’m overjoyed that Annie Newman has travelled halfway round the world to fulfill my wish to bring beauty to my unborn child. I hope this inspires women from all walks of life to stay healthy and feel beautiful at any stage in their lives. I would like to remind women especially mothers, that your life does not stop after having children. So it’s important to empower yourself with good health mentally and physically to ensure happiness.”       

It was indeed an eye opener and a good experience to be able to witness the beauty of pregnancy. 


  1. Wow... what an amazing event, getting to meet Annie Newman as well as Datuk Jimmy Choo and all those people... it is such a unique event painting a baby bump and putting diamonds and gold leaves on it...

  2. wow first time hearing bout this :) sounds pretty interesting!

  3. So special one.. haha~~~ Is it easy to wash after drawing? I just wondering.. :p

  4. very interesting! Pretty artwork there

  5. Wow... Nice painting. Truely a great journey to motherhood. Congrats, Estee.

  6. Lucky Estee... hehehe... if it was painted on me I might not bathe for 3-4 days... hahahaha

  7. omo cute! painting a baby bump , first time i'm hearing this. very unique event.

  8. In US, they get to draw on baby bump. Now Kuala Lumpur get first time event, so wow. Many young ladies sure want it :D


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