Trendy Designing Tips for Small Living Room

Interior designing is an art and the challenge lies in designing the small spaces to give them volume while providing for all luxuries and necessities. Among all other designing challenges, designing the small sized living room is the biggest challenge. This is the room where you spend most of the day and also entertain your guests. It is the room that would accommodate your whole family and also the guests. There is a need for wider space to make the necessary arrangements but at the same time you can’t stretch your room further to get that.

Trendy Designing Tips for Small Living Room

Here are the designing tips for your small sized living room that will go according to trend and also add the desired seating to it without squeezing the available space.  

1. Don’t go bulky
You may get attracted to full sized sofas and accessories for your living room but go low on them. Look for the small sized furniture that would fit into the space you have and also provide enough sitting space to accommodate your family, if not friends! You can always pull out an extra chair if you have guests at home but no need to make the prior provision for them as you may run out of space.You can check out for love seats as they consume very low space and would offer space for two.

2. Add mirrors to generate artificial space
Generating space is not possible but generating the perception of space is always possible. Place a mirror on the wall opposite a window to reflect light. The mirror would also reflect the window view making it look like an extra window and also add brightness to the room. The light colored wall papers with small patterns would also make your room appear bigger.

3. Make the most of your walls
You need to arrange the sofas on the floor, hence keep all other stuff mounted on wall. The TV units these days are mounted on wall due to slim design. Make space for other knickknacks around the TV to get the most out of walls. The foldable tables and chairs can also be mounted on walls, as they would take up space only while in use. You can keep them folded for rest of the time to keep your small space clutter free.

4. Make way for hidden storage
Hidden storage is the great idea when you are struggling with space. You can create an extra storage within the tables, below the sofas, and also on walls. Keep the storage as hidden as possible to keep it away from your sight. Using plants in front of the storage would also help in hiding it.

5. Keep it light
The light colored furniture and wall would reflect light. Brighter the room, bigger it will appear. Add more of white to the curtains, sofa upholstery, wall paints, and wall papers as white will add volume to the entire space. You can keep an extra set of curtain to enjoy the brighter theme as your instant mood booster.

Don’t let the small space take away the designing glory from your room. Have patience and try the above tips to get the most out of your small living room where you plan to entertain lots of guests.


  1. I'm sucks in designing...that's why my room is messy till the max
    All i do is put everything in 1 big box...

  2. i need some hidden storage too! too many stuff makes my room looks messy

  3. Yes definitely mirrors will help open up the small space and using built-in cabinets! Hidden storage sure will help make the room seem bigger too

  4. love the tips here, my living room is not trendy looking.
    shall let my dear know of this tips.

  5. Designing is really important to looks trendy.. Small buy stylish! What a great room makeover!

  6. Thanks for the tips. Now I know how to where to put my furniture in my small room.

  7. painting the wall will help i guess. and the mirror play the imprtant role is u want if u want the living room look like big room


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