Why Skin Needs Oil?

Why Skin Needs Oil, lipidol, Cleansing Face Oil, Cleansing Body Oil, After Shower Oil, Sunscreen Oil,  After Shave Oil, Overnight Face Oil

A healthy body is made up of about 70% of water. Oil plays and important part in preventing the water loss from our body, acting as a waterproof film covering our body. Our daily lifestyles effect too much moisture loss such as air conditioning, hot shower, soap, washing and etc. Using natural oil on our skin is better, safer and protects our skin from dehydration.

Introducing Lipidol Oil based skincare and body care products. All of them come in a very simple and practical transparent plastic bottle. All Lipidol’s products uses plant extract for colours and no synthetic dyes are used and using essential oil for their scents.
Why Skin Needs Oil, lipidol, Cleansing Face Oil, Cleansing Body Oil, After Shower Oil, Sunscreen Oil,  After Shave Oil, Overnight Face Oil, natural essential oil
Lipidol Cleansing Face Oil, Cleansing Body Oil, After Shower Oil, Sunscreen Oil,
After Shave Oil, Overnight Face Oil

Cleansing Oil, 125ml
As you know I love to use cleansing oil to remove my makeup. After trying Lipidol Cleansing Oil I like it and have been using it since then. Not the product is very reasonable price (only RM24.90 for 125ml) it helps to cleanse away the impurities, makeup and without causing any dryness or irritation on my skin. It does not contain cleaning agent.
Pour about 5 drops on dry palm and then apply it on dry face. Add a bit of water, the oil will emulsifies and continue to massage then rinse off. It has rosemary and niaouli essential oil.

Cleansing Body Oil, 200ml
This is my most favourite and the fastest finish product among the 6. Hahaha… because I take shower at least twice a day. If you think or you feel that taking shower using body oil will not be as clean if we shower gel or soap, then you have to think twice. Soap is make of palm oil or oil based ingredients. The only difference is that you will not the squeaky clean skin but rest assure the dirt will be of but your skin moisture will maintain and you won’t feel the skin tightness after shower.
Tips you can also use it after your steam bath it will help to replenish the moisture back to the skin. It has a refreshing scent of lime.

After Shower Oil, 175ml
This is the replacement of body lotion or even better. Good for daily usage especially for those who sleep or work in air conditioning room. Oil creates a protective layer on top of our skin to prevent moisture loss or dehydration. It is completely clear oil and has a mild of soothing chamomile essential oil.

Sunscreen Oil / Suntan Oil, 125ml
This oil has UVA and UVB  (SPF20) protection. It is a supplement to our skin after a long day under hot sun that will stripped away the moisture from our skin. Apply before going out in the sun. I would suggest you also apply sunblock after apply this oil, for double protection since the weather is so hot nowdays. You might not want to have freckles or dark spots. This sunscreen oil has the cypress and basil essential oil that smells like hot rocky shores. The color and scent are very Mediterranean and holiday feel.  

After Shave Oil, 100ml
This is not only for men, it is for women also. It is great to replenish back the moisture and as supplement to skin’s natural oily layer stripped away by shaving. You can apply on face or any part of the body. I has a mild petitgrain essential oil fragrance

Overnight Face Oil, 50ml
I know some apply oil on their face and hair every night before they go to sleep, are the like that? They say it’s good for the skin and hair the next day. Well I tried this Overnight Face Oil it is ok for the price. The oil gives the moisture that our skin needs. It has a moderate scent of ylang-ylang and mild hint of black pepper essential oil fragrance.

All Lipidol products are priced at RM24.90, yes each of them is same price and they are available at selected Guardian pharmacies. For more information about Lipidol products, please visit https://lipidol.com/my

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