Happy Chinese New Year - 2015 Year of Goat

CNY 2015, Happy Chinese New Year, Spring 2015, Sakura in Japan, White Sakura

I would like to take this opportunity to wish all my Chinese friends Happy Chinese New Year! May everything you do in the year of Goat will be smooth and prosperous. Many say that this year is a Challenging year, well to me this is an Interesting year. Who knows you might hit jackpot in the midst of hardship. Who know you might find love in the midst of despair. You never know. So I keep move forward with lots of optimism, determination and motivation. It’s the year to push ourselves to the limit - BRING IT ON!

Burp burp… I’m so full after reunion dinner with my family. So decide to whip up a quick blog post and say hi to you all. Right now my ears almost deaf coz of Bing! Bing! Bang! Bang! That’s the sound outside my house till some children crying, pets got scared and even the car got shocked (alarm on). The neighbours blasting firecrackers like its free. Anyway once a year so it’s alright we are neighbours, hopefully no one injured. 

Have a blessed year and HUAT AH! 
Till then tata... it's family time! 


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